• Sunday 20th June 9pm KSA/10pm UAE


Located at the tip of Peninsula Malaysia, the Pengerang Integrated Complex is a first in Malaysia, and the biggest. Covering an area equivalent to the size of 3,500 football fields, this massive petrochemical hub is a one stop shop for petroleum, petrochemicals and even electricity and gas. On the ground, the task at hand is a mammoth one. The 60,000-strong work crew has to complete the construction in five years – a quarter of the usual time taken. To do so, they’ll have to conquer challenges never before undertaken on such a scale, and everything has to run like clockwork. In this special, National Geographic Channel goes behind the scenes to uncover this Megastructure’s journey from design to delivery. As work unfolds, we join the project managers, engineers and urban planners tasked with carrying out the job, and bring to life state of the art engineering at the heart of...
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