Even Jaipur's monkeys are affected by the global credit crunch. As money becomes tight for the human residents of Jaipur, free handouts to the temple monkeys become ever more scarce. This situation is exacerbated by the fact that the Galta Gang has been so successful that their numbers have burgeoned to over one hundred individuals. When this happens, macaque troops undergo a process called fission: the group splits into two. This is because the territory can no longer support such a massive troop.


  • Monkey Thieves: Divided We Stand
    As the worldwide economy plummets, the Galta Gang faces a big problem - there are more mouths to feed but food is not enough at the temple.
  • Monkey Thieves: Hard Times
    Galta Temple cannot support such a massive troop and so the Galta Gang undergoes a process of fission. Only the mother group can stay at the temple.
  • Monkey Thieves: Searching For Sanctuary
    Rani and the Galta Gang hierarchy continue to capitalise on temple handout. But it's back to school for Bipin and the splinter group exiles as they head for the safety of the suburbs.
  • Monkey Thieves: Urban Exile
    Evicted from the Langur suburbs, the splinter group is roaming Jaipur's streets in search of a new territory. If they don't find any place, they may have to fight to displace a weaker group.
  • Monkey Thieves: Street Life
    As food offerings at Jaipur's Galta Temple dry up, Rani & Kamal are forced to leave their temple home and look for food on the streets.
  • Monkey Thieves: Home Hunters
    Queen Rani and the Galta Gang are under pressure of being kicked out of the Galta temple by a troop of Langur monkeys.
  • Monkey Thieves: Last Hurrah
  • Monkey Thieves: Beggar's Banquet
    Rani's Galta Gang pulls off a cool house burglary. Meanwhile, the streets of Jaipur get much more dangerous as monkey catchers multiply.
  • Monkey Thieves: Cops And Robbers
    A truck arrives in the city carrying a stowaway and Galta gang's renegade Zamir is back in Jaipur.
  • Monkey Thieves: Missing In Action
    The splinter group arrives at one of Jaipur's 5 star hotels. They play amongst the soft pool towels & the youngsters frolic in the trees. But the residents finally complain about them.
  • Monkey Thieves: Drug Raid
    The hotel calls a group of monkey catchers who manage to capture several members of the splinter group. The captured monkeys are moved to a reserve called Asola sanctuary 70 miles from the city.
  • Monkey Thieves: Colour And Calamity
    Its the annual elephant festival in Jaipur, but Queen Rani and her rhesus macaque troop face problems: alpha male Kamal has been captured by monkey catchers, and Ranis little son Teejay is still missing. Then while residents enjoy Holi, the festival of spectacular colour, Zamir is busy trying to track down Rani and her gang. Finally, Bipin and his splinter troop get a shock when they spot a face from the past, and at animal clinic Help In Suffering, tiny Teejay dies after a courageous fight for his life.
  • Monkey Thieves: An Unlikely Hero
    Bipin and his troop are living a good life at their market home until a group of rivals darken their door.
  • Monkey Thieves: Deliverance
    Queen Rani learns that her old enemy Zamir could help her take back her former home at Galta Temple.