Determined to continue his quest to protect nature's largest, most elusive water-living creatures, Dr Zeb Hogan returns to brave more dangerous and unfamiliar environments in the UK premiere of Monster Fish Wednesdays at 8pm.
As he attempts to study these exotic monsters of the deep, can Zeb get face-to-fin with some of the planet's most remarkable fish?
Monster Fish: Giant Eels
Zeb makes his way to the remote South Pacific, in search of the New Zealand long finned eel and the giant mottled eel, only to discover that over-fishing has caused their numbers to rapidly decline. From an exhilarating attempt to go fishing the old-fashioned Maori way, to trapping and transporting slippery baby eels to a better, safer location, Zeb won't rest until he finds some of the largest eels in the world.
Monster Fish: Danger Down Under
Zeb heads over to Australia's Murray River to discover why the ancient...
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