National Geographic Abu Dhabi brings special programs for UAE national day.


  • National Day: Megastructure - Abu Dhabi Super Tunnel
    This film follows a team of engineers in Abu Dhabi they race to build a massive sewer system right beneath the city streets, as the current network has reached its bursting point. Abu Dhabi's population has exploded in recent decades. But beneath the city trouble is brewing. Abu Dhabi's sewer network - built thirty years ago to service the needs of a small town - has reached bursting point. It's running beyond capacity and can no longer cope with the growth above. This film follows a team of larger than life engineers and construction workers locked in a race against time to build a replacement sewer beneath the city. It will be an extraordinary feat - a labyrinth of subterranean tunnels making up a massive sewer network, designed by the Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company (ADSSC) to save Abu Dhabi's citizens from a diabolic deluge.
  • National Day: Mission Everest: The UAE Military Team
    A team from the UAE Armed Forces will attempt to scale the highest mountain on earth: Mount Everest. Their journey is full of risks and dangers, now that they have reached base camp after 5 years of training and planning they are not willing to turn back. This is a story of their bravery and determination, one where they are faced with contrasting environments and backgrounds, a story of a team taking on one of the world’s most demanding mountaineering expedition.
  • National Day: Emergence of a Union
    From small tribal settlements to one of the strongest economies in the world, the UAE has grown at such a rapid scale and it all started on December 2nd 1971.That day marked the beginning of a new era, a day of unification, a day where all 6 emirates joined hands and signed on the constitution of what is now known as the United Arab Emirates. Ras Al Khaimah was the 7th emirate to join the union in 1972.Many people have lived through this era and witnessed this day come to life. What did it mean, what has been accomplished, how did it affect them during that period and how has it changed their lives today? What are the memories, emotion and journeys that have been witnessed as this historic day took place? National Geographic Abu Dhabi is taking its viewers on a journey through memory lane told through a series of interviews with the people of the Emirates. A journey filled with emotion, pride and special moments.
  • National Day: Global Village
    The purpose of the film is to shine a light on the unique & multicultural shopping and entertainment park that is Global Village. This 44 minute piece will be shot over 5 days (seemingly random days of the season) and conclude with the closing event of Global Village’s 21st Season. The park operations, from the smallest detail to the most grandiose, will be intimately revealed to the viewer by following the path of four key characters.
  • National Day: Every Emirati son - Episode 1
  • National Day: Every Emirati son - Episode 2
  • National Day: Every Emirati son - Episode 3
  • National Day: Every Emirati son - Episode 4
  • National Day: Megastructure - Louvre Abu Dhabi
    Floating on the shores of the Arabian Gulf, is the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Designed by star architect Jean Nouvel, this Arabic-inspired museum is built is association with the Louvre Paris to house over 400 priceless masterpieces. Shading the gallery buildings is a massive steel dome, weighting 7,000-tons – a feat of engineering never achieved before. The Louvre Abu Dhabi is a visionary piece of architecture, ahead of its time, and quite possibly a work of art in its own right.
  • National Day: I am NatGeo Photographer S2 - Episode 1
    Contestants get to play with studio light and then natural light to bring drama, creativity and storytelling to their photographs. Two actors from a well-known play called, Almost Maine, will play out four different acts for each contestant. The theme of the play is based on different emotions of love. Each contestant has to photograph one act which describes a certain emotional phase in a relationship.
  • National Day: I am NatGeo Photographer S2 - Episode 2
    The four contests are given the task of photographing architecture at the infamous Dubai Design District, but there is a twist to this challenge. Each contestant was paired with a fashion model, dressed by the upcoming Arab designer, Faissal El Malak. The contestants are asked to incorporate the model into their architecture shot.
  • National Day: I am NatGeo Photographer S2 - Episode 3
    In this episode, our young contestants are taken to TK MMA and Fitness gym, where they will meet Mohammad Yahya, a young, Emirati MMA champion. Their challenge: To shoot a sports photograph in 30 minutes capturing Mohammad Yahya training in the ring with coach Tam Khan.
  • National Day: I am NatGeo Photographer S2 - Episode 4
    In the final episode, our contestants were defied with their biggest and most difficult challenge, the photo documentary. Each contestant was assigned to work with a group of people that define a certain subculture in the UAE. Each contestant had to spend 5 hours with one of the following groups: capoeira dancers, graffiti artists, skate boarder, and bikers. The contestants had to present the following images for the finale: cityscape, street scene with main characters, action, portrait, emotion & comfort zone with their subjects.