Seven decades on from living memory fades, the dark corners of the web are teeming with tales of the bizarre. Dr. Sam Willis, a UK-based historian, and Robert Joe (RJ), a Korean-American urban explorer, combine their talents to embark on a journey to set the record straight. They’re one of the oddest partners since Mulder and Scully, and just as determined to get to the truth that’s out there. Whether its reports of Nazis dabbling in the occult, the world’s worst man-eating crocodile attack, or a long-lost train carrying stolen gold, a path of twists and turns will show us that, when it comes to war, truth is often weirder than fiction.


  • Nazi World War Weird: Secret Art Fortress
    As the chaos of World War II engulfs Italy, a British officer makes a shocking find; a 900 year old castle near the front line still holds a collection of priceless works by some of Italy's greatest Renaissance masters. But who put the masterpieces there and how did they survive the battle raging less than 2500 yards away?
  • Nazi World War Weird: Hitler's Lost Gold
    During the final months of WWII rumours began swirling that Nazi trains full of looted treasure were criss-crossing the continent. 70 years later explorer Robert Joe and Dr Sam Willis embark on a journey through Poland and Germany in search of the remains of that gold.
  • Nazi World War Weird: Himmler's Haunted Castle
    Robert Joe, an urban explorer and Historian Dr Sam Willis are on a mission to uncover the secrets behind Heinrich Himmler’s Wewelsburg Castle in Germany.
  • Nazi World War Weird: Hitler's Meth Heads
    Historian Sam Willis and Urban Explorer Robert Joe investigate one of the most astonishing military operations of WWII to discover if success all came down to an earlier version of today’s crystal meth.
  • Nazi World War Weird: Crocodile Massacre
    In 1945, after a six week battle for control of Ramree Island a unit of the Imperial Japanese Army on the run from Allied forces become a part of one of history’s worst crocodile massacres.
  • Nazi World War Weird: Secret Flea Bomb
    Japan's surprise attack on Pearl Harbor finally drew America into the fray of WWII. As their troops mobilised, the vulnerable nation is gripped by the fear on their own home soil but did Japan really have a weapon that could turn their nightmare into a reality?