National Geographic, acclaimed filmmaker Darren Aronofsky (“mother!,” “Black Swan,” “Requiem for a Dream”) and award-winning producer Jane Root (“America The Story of Us”) join forces on an epic, cinematic event series that will redefine natural history filmmaking.

Hosted by Will Smith (“Ali,” “Pursuit of Happiness,” “Men in Black I, II, III”), ONE STRANGE ROCK promises to be a mind-bending, thrilling journey that explores the fragility and wonder of planet Earth, one of the most peculiar, unique places in the entire universe. It’s the extraordinary story of why life as we know it exists on Earth, brought into perspective by the only people to have left it behind – astronauts.  
This 10-part series from Netopia and Protozoa Pictures brings cameras where they’ve never been before, having filmed in 45 countries, on six continents and from outer space on the ISS. ONE STRANGE ROCK guides viewers through our vulnerable, tiny speck of a planet among the vast, harsh cosmic arena, revealing the magical twists of fate that have allowed life to emerge, survive and thrive only on Earth.


  • One Strange Rock: Terraform
    Ever since life emerged, microbes, plants and animals have sculpted the planet in the strangest of ways. But as Will Smith along with current and former astronauts explain, life doesn’t just create. It also destroys.
  • One Strange Rock: Shield
    The David and Goliath story of Earth’s relationship with its greatest threat, our seemingly benign Sun, is told by Will Smith and some of the only people to have ever seen our planet from space.
  • One Strange Rock: Escape
    Astronaut Chris Hadfield has left the planet three times and believes our only chance of survival, is to leave permanently. Now he and his fellow astronauts try to answer one of our biggest questions - Could we ever survive leaving Earth?
  • One Strange Rock: Genesis
    Though the building blocks of life are common across the universe, life is rare. Will Smith and former astronauts explore what it is about our planet that sets it apart.
  • One Strange Rock: Home
    After 665 days in space, NASAs most experienced astronaut, Peggy Whitson, returned to Earth in a position to answer the question “just how strange and unique is our planet?”
  • One Strange Rock: Alien
    Dr Mae Jemison and her fellow astronauts explore how life on Earth evolved from single cell bacteria to now and what it means for our chances of finding life elsewhere in the universe.
  • One Strange Rock: Survival
    It’s not enough for Earth to be habitable; it also has to be lethal for life to thrive. As Will Smith reveals, death is hardwired into everything but life has a biological superpower trade off - sex.
  • One Strange Rock: Gasp
    Will Smith along with astronauts Chris Hadfield, Nicole Stott and Mae Jemison, some of the privileged few who have looked down on Earth from space, tell the unbelievable story of how Earth creates and regulates its oxygen rich atmosphere.
  • One Strange Rock: Storm
    Will Smith and some of the privileged few who have seen Earth from space, explain how our planet has been shaped by the same cosmic storms that could possibly have destroyed it.
  • One Strange Rock: Awakening
    Will Smith along with current and former astronauts question why, of all the life on earth, we are the only beings that evolved enough to leave this planet?