• Parched show


      Narrated by Academy Award-winning director Alex Gibney, Parched is a three-part companion series to 'Water & Power: A...

    • A Water & Power: California Heist show

      A Water & Power: California Heist

      The story of how a handful of water barons gained control of the state’s most precious resource, while drought left local...

    • Global Water Wars show

      Global Water Wars

      This episode of Parched zeroes in on India and Syria, two of the world’s most vulnerable hot spots for water-related conflict.

    • Money Flows show

      Money Flows

      This episode explores an alarming trend, where Wall Street banks control municipalities and hold the everyday American’s...

    • Toxic Waters show

      Toxic Waters

      Illegal dumping affects a cattle farmer’s livelihood, and lax regulations for oil companies result in water contamination.