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DESCRIPTION is through this mechanism that individuals inherit the unique code for survival. In these five epic tales of survival, viewers can expect to meet relatable characters that take them on an emotional journey that involves dramatic kills by precision hunters, flagrant love affairs, the joy of new life and young life maturing, as well as the tragedy of loss, victory, and failure, as a cost of enigmatic enemies and crafty competition is encountered. Survival is brutal as drought and disease must be conquered. Only the supreme live to leave a legacy.


  • Predator Bloodlines: A Leopard's Tale
    After losing his mother and sister at one year old, he taught himself to hunt, but now has to deal with his other thieving relatives. He's survived this long in spite of difficulty, and knocks down all stereotypes as he is not only social, but family oriented.
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  • Predator Bloodlines: A Lion Legacy
    She leads the formidable Sausage Tree Pride, an ensemble of buffalo-slaying huntresses. That is, until the migration crosses their prime domain and they demonstrate ultimate adaptability and switch prey species. But the pride has been compromised after a split-away group left their ranks and now she must muster her troupe to excel at motherhood while male coalitions complicate dynamics all around them.
  • Predator Bloodlines: The Sisterhood
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  • Predator Bloodlines: The Clan
    She overthrew the preceding ruler of North Clan in an unprecedented take-over, fighting her way up from a lowly rank to matriarch. She is both a ruthless battle commander, leading her clan in warfare against rivals and adversaries like lion, and devoted guardian to her clan and parent to her offspring.
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    Tuesday 2 March 2021 at 12:00PM - National Geographic
  • Predator Bloodlines: The Brotherhood
    To see them stride across the Mara is a spectacle indeed. An undeniable band-of-brothers, these males significantly enhance their odds of survival against the larger super-predators of the savanna, lions and hyenas, and prove an attractive dynamic to the female spotted athletes also forging a living on the plains. But no partnership comes without its challenges and leadership amongst the group is not a done deal either.
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