Wild! launches another series of extraordinary investigations into some of the natural world’s most intriguing mysteries, proving yet again that reality is often stranger than fict...


When a 50-tonne whale died off the coast of Taiwan, nobody could have predicted it would lead to a remarkable disaster on the streets of the city. But early one morning, local residents got a rude awakening as respected whale expert Professor Wang accompanied the animal's carcass through the area on a flatbed truck. Exploding with the force of a bomb, the decomposing creature splattered the surrounding area with intestines, blubber and blood. Four years later a team of specialists investigate the mystery of the exploding whale.



  • Predator C.S.I.: Cannibal Hippos
    Biologists were mystified when 300 hippos were found dead in a Ugandan wildlife park. What caused this dreadful decimation of the hippo population?
  • Predator C.S.I.: Elephant Graveyard
  • Predator C.S.I.: Jaws Slayer
  • Predator C.S.I.: Killer Fog
    In rural Cameroon a mysterious incident led to the sudden deaths of 37 people, all their animals, and any wild animals that were unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity.