With bigger paydays and new colourful characters, the prospectors return to the mountains of Colorado to seek their fortunes.
At 14,000 feet above sea level, there's 50 percent less oxygen, and extreme weather is often these prospectors' worst enemy as they brave close-call lightning strikes, hurricane-force winds and dramatic temperature changes. But for those willing to battle the elements and confront the danger, some of the planet's most rare and precious gems are just waiting to be unearthed - with huge paydays to accompany them.


  • Prospectors: Breaking The Dry Spell
  • Prospectors: A Dangerous Prospect
  • Prospectors: A Hail of Boulders
    The Dorris family suffer a series of setbacks at their claim, and Amanda tempts fate as she digs for gems under a shifting wall of rocks.
  • Prospectors: The Mountain Shakes
    On Colorado's Mount Antero, Steve Brancato tries to get past a hard cap rock that's blocking what he believes is a huge pocket of aquamarine.
  • Prospectors: Claimjumpers
    In their annual visit to Mount Antero in the Colorado Rockies, the Dorris family gets caught in a thunderstorm, miles from safety. And Amanda Adkins, Steve Brancato, and Daniel Barkus race to catch potential thieves.
  • Prospectors: Thundersnow
    Near Lake George in the Colorado Rockies, the Dorris family hunts for topaz, while Rich Fretterd mines for crystals deep underground. On Mount Antero, the Busse family gets caught in a sudden whiteout, but making the situation even worse: this early snowstorm carries with it potentially deadly lightning.
  • Prospectors: Out of Reach
    Near Lake George, Colorado, Rich Fretterd spots a huge blue topaz, but getting to it could prove deadly. On Colorados Mount Antero, Amanda Adkins dig site threatens to collapse, and a snowstorm could mean the end of the season for the miners.
  • Prospectors: The Mother Lode
    The Busse family launches a search-and-rescue mission to locate a missing friend and the Dorris family makes the find of a lifetime.
  • Prospectors: A Monster Pocket
    Amanda Adkins and Rich Fretterd mine in a secret location near Lake George and the Dorris family finds an unexpected Ð and massive Ð pocket.