• Thursday 30 May 2024 at 7:00PM
  • National Geographic

    • Queens show


      In six remote and beautiful places on our planet are queendoms run by the most powerful leaders in the animal world. These...

    • Savanna Queens show

      Savanna Queens

      A baby is born into the ultimate animal sisterhood; a family of elephants. She will need all their experience and protection...

    • African Queens show

      African Queens

      In the towering walls of Tanzania’s Ngorongoro crater, the sisters of a lion pride clash with a hyena clan ruled by an...

    • Tiny Jungle Queens show

      Tiny Jungle Queens

      Under the rainforest canopy two tiny insect queens build their empires. One through great sacrifice, the other betrayal.

    • Rainforest Queens show

      Rainforest Queens

      In the Congo Forest, a young bonobo must leave behind everything she knows to find her place in a world where friendship means...

    • Coastal Queens show

      Coastal Queens

      An orca family’s success relies on the experience of their sixty-year-old matriarch; while a first-time bear mother must...

    • Mountain Queens show

      Mountain Queens

      A gelada monkey and an Ethiopian wolf fight for their families and their legacy in a world of ancient Ethiopian mountain peaks.

    • Behind the Queens show

      Behind the Queens

      A celebration of the extraordinary women filmmakers and game changing conservationists behind the Queens series.