• Saturday 3 October 2020 at 9:00PM
  • National Geographic

    • Savage Kingdom show

      Savage Kingdom

      Two thousand square miles of remote African savanna, this ancient land is governed by competing clans of ruthlessly proficient...

    • Dawn of Darkness show

      Dawn of Darkness

      Led by a ruthless Commander, the rotten clan of hyenas seizes power from the lions. An exiled Queen is hell bent on winning...

    • Reign of Terror show

      Reign of Terror

      Trapped by the rising flood waters, Dikeledi must teach her wayward cubs the lessons of survival. But this brutal Kingdom is...

    • Rise of Exiles show

      Rise of Exiles

      After the murder of one of their own, the Makulu Pack of Wild Dogs looks to a new leader for salvation. The Western Pride is...

    • War Games show

      War Games

      Mmamotse's rule has turned the Kingdom upside down. Her army run rampant, but her legacy now depends on a Princess stepping up...