Plunge into nature's raw survival stories. 

It's a sensory immersion and the world's greatest predators are revealed through incredible camera and production technologies… some invented specifically for this trailblazing television experience. 

This series will focus on conflicts that take place in a unique battlefield - an arena that shapes how the predators that inhabit it hunt.


  • Secret Life Of Predators: Exposed
    At the edges of mountains, forests, rivers and oceans, nature's hunters are forced to specialise in order to survive.
  • Secret Life Of Predators: Wet
    In our planet's liquid space, predators of all shapes and sizes face many obstacles to success and survival.
  • Secret Life Of Predators: Stealth
    Forest predators must cope with a world in which food and rivals may come from behind, below or above.
  • Secret Life Of Predators: Naked
    Predators that inhabit open spaces must hide in plain sight in order to thrive – or, like banded mongooses, rely on strength in numbers.