• Secrets of The Zoo: Tampa show

    Secrets of The Zoo: Tampa

    This series is filmed entirely at Tampa’s award-winning Zoo, and see the behind-the-scenes stories of amazing animals and...

  • A Tiger's Tale show

    A Tiger's Tale

    In this enhanced episode, the animal care staff trains a new Malayan tiger, tends to a sassy sandhill crane, and rescues a...

  • Panther Crossing show

    Panther Crossing

    In this enhanced episode, a field trip explores safe routes for panthers, a babirusa date gets hog-wild, and ZooTampa battles...

  • Wolfpack Miracle show

    Wolfpack Miracle

    In this enhanced episode, the monumental birth of four endangered Red Wolf pups marks a historic moment, but an injury could...

  • Fangs for the Memories show

    Fangs for the Memories

    In this enhanced episode, ZooTampa's Florida team fights for the survival of their most critical injured and orphaned manatees.

  • Monkey Business show

    Monkey Business

    In this enhanced episode, a leopard needs a team of doctors, a monkey gets a rare physical, and a vanishing newt species gets...

  • Crash Course show

    Crash Course

    Major lifestyle changes at ZooTampa as bears and panthers get habitat upgrades, a rhino makes new friends, and a grouper has...

  • Koala-Palooza show


    In this enhanced episode, it's breeding season at ZooTampa! Two koalas reunite, painted dogs seek out soulmates, and a pygmy...

  • Oh The Zoomanity! show

    Oh The Zoomanity!

    ZooTampa's vets solve mysteries and make history with an orangutan's herniated belly button, a rhino’s chin lesion, and a...

  • Wake Me Up Before You Bongo show

    Wake Me Up Before You Bongo

    ZooTampa's favorites feel the love with a life-saving penguin procedure, additions to the bongo herd, and urgent medical care...

  • Crash Landing show

    Crash Landing

    ZooTampa celebrates the arrival of a band of baboons from Brooklyn, a new calf joins the rhino crash, and a hermit crab hunts...

  • Scent Of A Porcupine show

    Scent Of A Porcupine

    A beloved Clouded Leopard has a mystery illness, the binturong family keeps growing, and ZooTampa assembles their first ever...