Shane Untamed follows intrepid "one man band" producer, shooter, host, and adventurer Shane Reynolds - better known to his friends as "Shane O" - on a pilgrimage to the wildest places on earth. He's out to experience a world of wild animals and wild spaces that most of us only dream of seeing and, along the way, explore the people and cultures that call these incredible, and often remote, places home. Shane will team up with experts who can help him come out of each adventure in one piece, because like any great journey, each episode has an ultimate goal - from diving with whale sharks in Djibouti to rappelling a tepui in the rain forests of Guyana.


  • Shane Untamed: Big Alaska
    Everything about Alaska is big. Join Shane-O as he heads to the Kodiak Island to go BIG, in line with the spirit of Alaska.
  • Shane Untamed: Swamp Beats
  • Shane Untamed: Ghosts Of Madagascar
    Shane-O goes deep into Western Madagascar to be one of the few Westerners to set foot in a sacred forest.
  • Shane Untamed: The Lost Jungle
  • Shane Untamed: Red Sea Giants
    Shane-O finds some of the geological wonders that Djibouti flaunts. He also fulfills his lifelong dream of diving with Whale Sharks.
  • Shane Untamed: Swamp Beasts
  • Shane Untamed: Everglades