• Secrets of the Octopus show

    Secrets of the Octopus

    Just beyond our shores, a creature with extraordinary powers rules its domain. Experience new science, amazing moments, and...

  • Extraordinary Birder With Christian Cooper show

    Extraordinary Birder With Christian Cooper

    Life-long birder Christian Cooper takes us on a journey to dive into and discover the wild, wonderful and unpredictable world...

  • Path Of The Panther show

    Path Of The Panther

    Photographer Carlton Ward Jr. teams up with various forces to track the endangered Florida panther and protect its...

  • Queens show


    In six remote and beautiful places on our planet are queendoms run by the most powerful leaders in the animal world. These...

  • Incredible Animal Journeys show

    Incredible Animal Journeys

    This is a planet on the move - animals in every landscape are embarking on epic migrations in search of food, shelter and love.

  • Never Say Never with Jeff Jenkins show

    Never Say Never with Jeff Jenkins

    Travel Journalist Jeff Jenkins travels the world testing the limits of his physical abilities; throughout his global odyssey,...

  • Primal Survivor: Over The Andes show

    Primal Survivor: Over The Andes

    In this series Hazen tackles the Andes, crossing east to west though six amazing and diverse ecosystems. Across the high Andes...

  • Last of The Giants: Wild Fish show

    Last of The Giants: Wild Fish

    Cyril and his team of adventure filmmakers embark on punishing and dangerous missions to find, study, and protect the last...

  • Wild Argentina show

    Wild Argentina

    From the largest waterfall on earth to the highest mountain in South America: Argentina is a country of extremes. Species-rich...

  • 7 Toughest Day on the Earth show

    7 Toughest Day on the Earth

    Adventurer Dwayne Fields takes on Earth’s most hostile worlds during their toughest time – a ‘deadly window’ when epic...

  • Wild Life show

    Wild Life

    From Academy Award-winning Free Solo filmmakers Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin, comes the inspiring story of conservationist,...

  • Secrets of the Elephants show

    Secrets of the Elephants

    Elephants have long been a source of wonder and mystery with their rich emotional lives and almost supernatural ways of...

  • Primal Survivor: Mighty Mekong show

    Primal Survivor: Mighty Mekong

    Survivalist Hazen Audel travels 500 miles along the Mekong River Basin, in the journey of a lifetime. He faces remote jungle...

  • Life Below Zero: First Alaskans show

    Life Below Zero: First Alaskans

    The spirit of the land guides Alaska Natives through every season. Tig Strassburg passes on knowledge and skills to his seven...

  • Wild & Weird show

    Wild & Weird

    Wild & Weird showcases the strangest, freakiest and weirdest animals - from incredible marine mammals and "our of this world"...

  • Something Bit Me! show

    Something Bit Me!

    In the Costa Rican jungle, a sudden strike turns a television producer’s location scout into a race to save his leg and...

  • Explorer The Deepest Cave show

    Explorer The Deepest Cave

    A team of elite cavers led by 68-year old Bill Stone attempts a months-long expedition to officially make Cheve Cave in...

  • Hunting Alaskan Dinosaurs show

    Hunting Alaskan Dinosaurs

    The Arctic Circle, Northern Alaska. Its minus 35 degrees, inhospitable, literally crawling with bears. A team of adventurous...

  • America's Funniest Home Videos: Animal Edition show

    America's Funniest Home Videos: Animal Edition

    Nat Geo meets America's Funniest Home Videos in the ultimate new animal show featuring hilarious pets, awesome wildlife, and...

  • World Animal Day show

    World Animal Day

    World Animal Day on October 4th each year focuses on improving the welfare of animals around the world.