The film will offer a profile of the natural history of pterosaurs by examining the work of some leading paleontologists. It will also incorporate a "Monster Garage"-like subplot as engineers who are also pterosaur enthusiasts try to assemble a working, flying model of an ancient pterosaur. The treatment outlines a 10-act, 2 hour structure. It starts with an introduction to the field paleontology of pterosaurs, then a look at the flying capabilities of pterosaurs, an introduction to engineers testing theories on pterosaur flight, a look at how pterosaurs may have been adapted to be warm-blooded, then a couple acts outlining a project (which will continue throughout the show) to construct a flying pterosaur model, some information on how pterosaurs were especially big flyers with adaptations different from birds and bats, a segment on how pterosaur brains may have worked, a segment on...

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