• Sunday 11 June 2023 at 12:00PM
  • National Geographic
  • Snakes in the City show

    Snakes in the City

    Streetwise snake-catchers Simon and Sioux face some of the world's deadliest snakes in the most bizarre situations and release...

  • New Blood show

    New Blood

    An enormous black mamba is hiding somewhere beneath a huge pile of scrap metal. A spitting cobra finds itself trapped inside a...

  • The Snake Pit show

    The Snake Pit

    Simon has his hands full with a massive black mamba that doesn't want to be caught, a cobra hiding in a room of old sacks, and...

  • Big Mamma Mamba show

    Big Mamma Mamba

    Simon has a close shave with a pregnant black mamba looking to lay her eggs, and she's not the only female mamba that Simon...

  • Black Mamba Summer show

    Black Mamba Summer

    Simon has his hands full with a lightning fast mamba and an unidentified snake terrorizes a school, before Siouxsie handles...

  • Cobra Wedding Crashers show

    Cobra Wedding Crashers

    A hitchhiking forest cobra at a wedding keeps Simon and Siouxsie guessing and an emergency black mamba callout turns into a...

  • Mamba Mayhem show

    Mamba Mayhem

    Simon and Sioux try to secure a black mamba escape artist, wrangle an irate python, and catch a cat killer.

  • Python Party show

    Python Party

    Catching a black mamba at midnight is only part of Simon and Siouxsie's latest challenge; they also bring 25 baby rock pythons...

  • Housing Estate Horror show

    Housing Estate Horror

    A huge black mamba hides under the kitchen sink, Simon rips apart a couch to find a spitter and climbs a tree to catch a...

  • Divide And Conquer show

    Divide And Conquer

    Simon and Sioux nearly get bitten catching and releasing mating Boomslangs. Teamwork is everything, but sometimes they split...

  • There's A Snake In The Fridge! show

    There's A Snake In The Fridge!

    It’s mamba season and these deadly snakes are simply everywhere! In this episode of Snake City, they’re playing...

  • Snakes And Sewage show

    Snakes And Sewage

    To catch a deadly Black mamba, Simon must face his biggest fear - heights! And to save a spitting cobra, he deals with his OCD...