• Wednesday 7 June 2023 at 8:00PM
  • National Geographic


Streetwise snake-catchers Simon and Sioux face some of the world's deadliest snakes in the most bizarre situations and release them back to the wild.


  • Snakes in the City: Mamba Madness
    Simon puts his life on the line, bagging a riled-up black mamba alone in a baking roof. As the summer heats up, Siouxsie and Mbali prove their snake skills by catching three water snakes on one call, while Simon bails a wolf snake out of the police station. The team regroup for one black mamba vs two large dogs. Mbali steps up to claim gold, catching a particularly fiesty forest cobra by the tail.
  • Snakes in the City: Mamba Strike
  • Snakes in the City: New Blood
    An enormous black mamba is hiding somewhere beneath a huge pile of scrap metal. A spitting cobra finds itself trapped inside a local shop surrounded by an armed mob and Simon tails an eight-foot forest cobra from deep under a house. As the snake season heats up Simon and Sioux bring in a new apprentice to join the team and put her snake skills to the test when she must catch a super fast bush snake on a busy construction site.
  • Snakes in the City: Ten Foot Mamba
    Sioux wrestles with a monitor lizard in an attic while Simon goes solo to catch a highly venomous Boomslang up a tree. Si and Sioux also continue training their apprentice on the tactics needed to safely catch venomous snakes when a black mamba decides to turn on her. Will Mbali manage to grab hold, or will someone get bitten?
  • Snakes in the City: Cobras to Crocs
    In this episode Simon and Sioux’s new apprentice, Mbali, gets a front row seat to a wild black mamba rescue in which the snake almost nails Simon on the ankle. The team is put to the test when they have to help capture and relocate a 10-foot crocodile from a local farm dam. Then summer has them running around in two teams to rescue two snakes in one house and another sneaky reptile stuck in someone’s roof.
  • Snakes in the City: Mamba Nightmare
    A busy orphanage goes into lockdown while a deadly black mamba is on the loose and the team must put on their hiking boots to help a local farmer who is losing his goats to a huge python. Simon and Sioux’s new apprentice, Mbali has her commitment to the job put to the test after a lesson in snakebites and nightmares come true, when a black mamba is found living inside someone’s mattress