Snakes in the City is a documentary-style reality TV series centering on the daily life of snake rescuers, Simon Keys, and his herpetologist girlfriend, Siouxsie Gillett in the coastal city of Durban, South Africa.


  • Snakes in the City: Divide And Conquer
    Simon and Sioux nearly get bitten catching and releasing mating Boomslangs. Teamwork is everything, but sometimes they split up to help all the snakes.
  • Snakes in the City: There's A Snake In The Fridge!
    It’s mamba season and these deadly snakes are simply everywhere! In this episode of Snake City, they’re playing hard-to-get in trees, boxes and even a refrigerator as Simon risks his life to save them. There’s also double-trouble when he realizes he’s in a small, dark room with not one, but two highly-venomous Forest cobras!
  • Snakes in the City: Housing Estate Horror
    A huge black mamba hides under the kitchen sink, Simon rips apart a couch to find a spitter and climbs a tree to catch a highly-venomous vine snake.
  • Snakes in the City: Snakes And Sewage
    To catch a deadly Black mamba, Simon must face his biggest fear - heights! And to save a spitting cobra, he deals with his OCD and digs in a poo pit!
  • Snakes in the City: Dark Night
    Simon has a close call with a deadly black mamba in the middle of the night and finds his first ever Snouted cobra that's hitchhiked to Durban!
  • Snakes in the City: Kindergarten Terror
    Sioux comes face-to-face with a Green mamba, Simon is almost bitten by a Black mamba and they catch two bizarre snakes that don't belong in Durban!