Finding a black mamba is one thing - catching it before something goes horribly wrong is the real challenge! Crowds gather when Simon and Siouxsie secure a massive mamba from under someone's bed. Then, a caller with a snake eating a rat in her driveway, refuses to come out of her house. And then, homeowners with a cat-killing black mamba get way too close to the action.


  • Snakes in the City: Cobra Wedding Crashers
    A hitchhiking forest cobra at a wedding keeps Simon and Siouxsie guessing and an emergency black mamba callout turns into a canine rescue mission.
  • Snakes in the City: Mamba Mayhem
    Simon and Sioux try to secure a black mamba escape artist, wrangle an irate python, and catch a cat killer.
  • Snakes in the City: Python Party
    Catching a black mamba at midnight is only part of Simon and Siouxsie's latest challenge; they also bring 25 baby rock pythons into the world.
  • Snakes in the City: Big Mamma Mamba
    Simon has a close shave with a pregnant black mamba looking to lay her eggs, and she's not the only female mamba that Simon and Sioux have to catch.
  • Snakes in the City: The Snake Pit
    Simon has his hands full with a massive black mamba that doesn't want to be caught, a cobra hiding in a room of old sacks, and a snake in a car!
  • Snakes in the City: Black Mamba Summer
    Simon has his hands full with a lightning fast mamba and an unidentified snake terrorizes a school, before Siouxsie handles the deadliest of the lot.