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Broadening the series to include stories from seaports and land crossings in addition to airports. S3 paints to complex picture of the ingenious lengths narco - traffickers will go to in order to bring their illicit goods into the United States in the post Covid age.
As there has been less flying due to Covid, smugglers have become more inventive in their techniques, for example, smuggling liquid crystal meth in paint.


  • To Catch A Smuggler: Female Meth Mules
    CBP Nogales busts a man internally smuggling fentanyl from Mexico. HSI delves into the dark web to stop a deadly party drug linked to overdoses.
  • To Catch A Smuggler: Lockdown Lockup
    CBP finds a smuggler of so-called “crazy pills” at JFK and responds to the COVID-19 crisis on the southern border, seizing over 800 lbs of meth.
  • To Catch A Smuggler: Episode 3
    CBP New York discovers priceless shipments of looted ancient artifacts. CBP Newark intercepts stolen luxury cars headed for the overseas black market.
  • To Catch A Smuggler: Episode 4
    CBP finds multiple doses of lethal fentanyl hidden within passenger cars, and CBP Newark searches for an illegal stowaway onboard a cargo ship.
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