Millions enter the US through airports each year, and hid amongst them are a stream of contraband. DHS will stop at nothing to catch these smugglers.


  • To Catch A Smuggler: Dope In The Hood
    HSI in California organizes undercover drug buys with numerous traffickers. CBP El Paso intercepts Coyotes heading back into Mexico.
  • To Catch A Smuggler: Freeway Meth
    HSI in San Diego tracks a vehicle stuffed with meth all the way to Long Beach. CBP & HSI in Philly test a new drug detection device.
  • To Catch A Smuggler: Ice Cold Cocaine
    CBP in El Paso finds $1M of cocaine hidden in a refrigerated cargo truck. LA HSI executes controlled delivery and arrests recipient of date rape drug.
  • To Catch A Smuggler: Boatloads Of Coke
    CBP finds an SUV loaded with meth at the border and counterfeit cash in Atlanta. Operation Blood Moon yields 2000 kilos of cocaine in Puerto Rico.
  • To Catch A Smuggler: Hot Drugs
    In the heat of El Paso, CBP stops 30 kilos of cocaine from crossing the border. Officers intercept $150K worth of illegal pills in Philadelphia.
  • To Catch A Smuggler: Bananas And Blow
    At Philly Seaport, CBP finds containers loaded with coke. In El Paso, the cartel thwarts HSI’s controlled delivery of 40 kilos of marijuana.
  • To Catch A Smuggler: Popped For Pills
    CBP and HSI target 30,000 ecstasy pills intercepted in Germany bound for PHL. CBP finds $143K of meth at the border, and an ancient statue at JFK.
  • To Catch A Smuggler: The Coke Eater
    CBP questions a man traveling from Panama suspected of ingesting pellets of coke. PR AMO agents track down a boat loaded with $51M worth of cocaine.