Top Tables, Top Cities will explore the best restaurants and show you where you can experience food that defines a city-without missing a beat. In every city we'll find the tastiest spots, the eateries that are specific and unique to the culinary culture of the place. Top Tables, Top Cities sends Ishai Golan, the ultimate guide and international traveler whose palate takes him on adventures around the world, to explore the culinary secrets of cities far and wide.


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    Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain and the capital of Catalonia; a place where the locals absolutely loves their seafood, they eat almost twice as much as any other region in the world; that’s probably why the most important characteristic of Catalan cuisine is the combination of ingredients that come from both the sea and the mountains! The locals call it "mar y montaña". Ishai goes on his way to experience the Barcelona culinary revolution. He visits the classical 7 Portes, which claims to have the best Paella in town, discovers El Quim de la Boqueria, an eatery located right in the heart of the Barcelona's busiest food market, and experiences Quimet & Quimet a tiny hidden gem restaurant with a huge tapas menu. Finally to close his mouth-watering tour, Ishai goes to a place that makes every dinner the best show in town, Tickets, a restaurant which offers the most surprising contemporary and molecular food, ever seen in Barcelona. Get ready to be amazed. Welcome to Barcelona.
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