• Trafficked With Mariana Van Zeller show

    Trafficked With Mariana Van Zeller

    Award-winning journalist Mariana van Zeller explores the inner workings of the global underworld's most dangerous black...

  • Gangs show


    Mariana investigates the global surrogacy market to understand how the dream of starting a family is fueling a babies-for-cash...

  • Fight Clubs show

    Fight Clubs

    Mariana investigates underground fight clubs and the push to bring bare-knuckle fighting into the mainstream.

  • Black Market Organs show

    Black Market Organs

    Mariana van Zeller investigates one of the darkest and most elusive black markets in the world- the illicit trade in human organs.

  • Ghost Guns show

    Ghost Guns

    Mariana is on a mission to expose how ghost guns untraceable firearms built from kits bought online are fueling violence...

  • Cyber Pirates show

    Cyber Pirates

    Mariana embarks on a journey from Africa to the Middle East to uncover how black-market oil is fueling terrorist groups around...

  • Fish Pirates show

    Fish Pirates

    As much as 30% of our seafood has been caught illegally. Mariana searches for the fish pirates who make billions each year...

  • Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs show

    Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs

    Mariana van Zeller goes inside the secretive world of outlaw motorcycle gangs, also known as 1% clubs, when her interest is...

  • Amazon Mafia show

    Amazon Mafia

    Mariana travels to the Amazon to track down the criminal networks behind a slew of killings and the illegal destruction of the...

  • Stolen Cars show

    Stolen Cars

    Mariana follows a smuggling route of cars stolen from the U.S. to shipping containers bound for West Africa, where the demand...

  • Romance Scams show

    Romance Scams

    In 2020 alone, romance scammers exploited Americans out of more than $600M. Mariana’s investigation takes her to Ghana,...

  • Fentanyl show


    Mariana goes in search of the new bosses, new routes, new risks and the American communities paying the price for fentanyl's...