Less than 55 years ago, Dubai International Airport was a vast desert of sand. 

Today, it is a modern mecca of international air travel. 

With a staggering 344,000 flights, 57 million passengers and 2 million tons of cargo flying in and out each year, it is the world’s third busiest airport for international passengers. 

In Ultimate Airport Dubai, step behind-the-scenes of Dubai International’s three massive terminals, including Terminal 3 – the largest building on earth by floor space, measuring 359 football pitches in size! 

With unprecedented access to all facets of this mega facility, the series follows some of the 60,000 staff working hard to keep it safe, secure, and on schedule.


  • Ultimate Airport Dubai: Episode 1
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai: Episode 2
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai: Episode 3
    Customs Officer Hassan tears apart a passenger’s five bags to find out what could be hidden behind the seams of the oddly identically packed bags.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai: Episode 4
    From scraping away dangerous rubber from aircraft landings, to dealing with drunken passengers, meet the airport workers carrying out the vital tasks that keep Dubai International on track.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai: Episode 5
    An Emirates Line Maintenance engineer is under the pump – literally. If he can’t fix the broken water pump on a Boeing 777, the airline’ whole network could be disrupted.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai: Episode 6
    Musician Cat Stevens is at risk of missing a crucial flight to New York to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because of a computer problem at the departure gate.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai: Episode 7
    Customs Officer Mel Sabharwal encounters a passenger travelling with a fake passport, who tries to outfox her by dodging her questions.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai: Episode 8
    Customs Officer Mustafa Ahmed pulls over a man with a strange suitcase full of white shirts. Will he find the $135,000 worth of cocaine hidden in the shirts’ lining?
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai: Episode 10
    While missing passengers threaten to wreck Mustapha's plans to get the Perth flight away on time, there are headaches for engineer Mian as a jet refuses to budge.