The natural world is full of amazing stories, but sometimes animals act in ways that seemingly go against all their instincts. From an elephant standing guard over a sick dog, to a giant tortoise adopting a baby hippo, and a lioness that ignores all the laws of nature to look after a baby oryx, this heart-warming documentary examines the cases of animals that have struck up unusual relationships. Delve into the stranger side of nature as we ask, can animals really be friends with other species?


  • Unlikely Animal Friends: Hello Kitty
    Meet the house cat who enjoys play dates with a barn owl, a deer who loves to groom her lynx pal, and a rare black leopard who befriends a white bunny.
  • Unlikely Animal Friends: The Wild Bunch
    It’s not only domestic animals who find unlikely companions. Meet the wild animals who are cuddling, nurturing and bonding against all odds.
  • Unlikely Animal Friends: Dogs Gone Wild
    One dog swims to exhaustion to be with his dolphin friend. Another gives comfort to an abandoned bear. Cesar Millan explains why it's perfectly natural for dogs to make friends with wild animals.
  • Unlikely Animal Friends: Man's Other Best Friend
    Sometimes man's best friend is not who you think. Meet the goose warming the heart of an ageing retiree and the seal that won’t eat without her veterinarian best friend.
  • Unlikely Animal Friends: Man's Other Friend
  • Unlikely Animal Friends: The Most Unlikely Of All