Shark attacks seem to be on the rise – but why? Scientists investigate these shark encounters, in an attempt at uncovering the cause of these alarming spikes.


  • When Sharks Attack: Carnage in California
    Los Angeles is home to beautiful beaches and Hollywood blockbusters but in the Summer of 2007 a dark story emerged from the depths. Four shark attacks occur in just four months off the coast of Malibu. With the cause of the spike a mystery, scientists investigate the case and what they discover could impact beachgoers around the world.
  • When Sharks Attack: Hawaiian Night Fright
    Experts search for clues to explain a spike of three bizarre and bloody shark encounters that occurred in Hawaii's Molokai Channel in 2019.
  • When Sharks Attack: Twice Bitten
    Two unlucky ocean lovers defy the odds when each of them are attacked twice by sharks. Experts look for clues to connect the rare attacks.
  • When Sharks Attack: Space Coast Scare
    Ten shark attacks leave swimmers and surfers reeling off Florida’s Space Coast in 2003. Investigators race to uncover the cause before it’s too late.
  • When Sharks Attack: Gulf Fear
    Gulf Shores, Alabama is an idyllic beach town and fishing haven, but this slice of paradise has a dark side: a history of shocking shark attacks.
  • When Sharks Attack: Paradise in Peril
    The Abaco Islands in the Bahamas are a remote island escape, known as the boating capitol of the world. But in 2018, tranquility turned to terror with three shark attacks strike in just thirty-nine days. Islanders and visitors wonder why. Shark experts follow the clues to uncover the cause of the shocking spike in attacks in this vacation paradise.