Wild Amazon takes you deep into the heart of the Amazon on a journey you will never forget!

Home to the largest rainforest and mightiest river on earth, the Amazon is home to a huge variety of creatures greater than anywhere else in the world, from the elusive jaguar to diminutive leaf cutter ants; where turtles strike as fast as a snake and spiders protect frogs.

Using stunning photography, Wild Amazon showcases these creatures as well as the people they share their home with.

Plus, learn more about the man made threats affecting the future of the Amazon as scientists investigate just how the web of life operates before it's too late.

Explore the unlikeliest of creatures while they struggle for survival in the premiere of Wild Amazon. 



  • Wild Amazon: Salvage Realm
  • Wild Amazon: Cradle of Life
    The amazing wildlife of the Amazon basin includes flowers that trap beetles to change sex overnight, but human activity threatens its ecology.
  • Wild Amazon: Savage Realm
    Strategies for survival from the canopy to the forest floor, including a tiny frog which protects a huge tarantula.