It might be one of the most famous continents on the planet, but the story of Australia hasn't been told quite like this before. In a four-part world premiere blue-chip wildlife series, come face-to-face with Australia’s most iconic – and most mysterious – animals including the cassowary, tree-kangaroo, dingo, echidna and platypus as they soar, swim and stalk through the unspoiled and spectacular environment.


  • Wild Australia: Jurassic Jungle
    The Australian tropics are perhaps the most mysterious part of our country. Impenetrable rainforest hides kangaroos that live in trees and a colossal bird with dinosaur feet.
  • Wild Australia: Realm Of The Wombat
    The hostile dry plains of southern Australia are home to some extraordinary and lethal animals including deadly ants, killer bunnies and the surprisingly vicious wombat.
  • Wild Australia: Koala Forest
    There is more to the lush woodland of Australia than meets the eye. Strange birds build elaborate nests and strange mammals take to the air, but it’s the not-so-cuddly koala who steals the show.
  • Wild Australia: Desert Of The Red Kangaroo
    In the heart of Australia lives the red kangaroo, the largest marsupial on earth and a true master of adapting to the blistering desert heat.