• Witness to Disaster show

      Witness to Disaster

      Eyewitness; compelling stories of disaster, told through the eyes of those who were there. A Mine Collapses in Chile,...

    • Tornado Outbreak show

      Tornado Outbreak

      The tornado super outbreak in April 2011 is unprecedented; over just 4 days, 360 tornadoes leave a trail of devastation as...

    • Chilean Mine Rescue show

      Chilean Mine Rescue

      A mine collapses in Chile trapping 33 miners almost half a mile underground. Their rescue becomes a desperate race against the...

    • California Mudslide show

      California Mudslide

      Montecito is hit by a devastating natural disaster that leaves its residents fighting for their lives. Overnight, the quiet...

    • Portugal Hellfire show

      Portugal Hellfire

      The story of the largest wildfire in Portugal's history and how it devastated a rural community. As fire fighters tried to...