• Thursday 18 April 2024 at 10:00PM
  • National Geographic

    • World's Greatest Train Journeys From Above show

      World's Greatest Train Journeys From Above

      This 6-part series will follow some of the world's most extraordinary railway journeys from above and on the grounds, taking...

    • Australia's Outback Railway show

      Australia's Outback Railway

      Crossing the harsh terrain of the Australian outback, the Ghan, a luxury train, and its 3,000 kms of track need constant and...

    • Norway's Bergen Railway show

      Norway's Bergen Railway

      The Bergen line is a triumph of engineering in the face of extraordinary natural obstacles: fjords, freezing conditions and...

    • Glacier Express show

      Glacier Express

      The Glacier Express train in the Swiss Alps is an engineering marvel traveling over treacherous gorges and through huge...

    • Canada's Wilderness Railroad show

      Canada's Wilderness Railroad

      The Winnipeg to Churchill train crosses the province of Manitoba, along a route that requires determination, force, and fire...

    • Copper Canyon Railway show

      Copper Canyon Railway

      The luxury El Chepe train is a wonder of Mexican engineering that took 100 years to build through the world’s largest canyon...

    • Darjeeling Himalayan Railway show

      Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

      The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is a steeply graded narrow-gauge line connecting the plains of New Jalpaiguri in Eastern...