In the Alaskan wilderness, three crews head out on the journey of a lifetime. 

They build giant log rafts, which serve not only as their vehicles, but their homes as they prepare to float down the mighty Yukon River.

Their mission?  

To sell firewood and supplies to remote villages downriver.  

But with the winter freeze fast approaching, it will take all of their skill and courage to cash in, and make it out alive.


  • Yukon River Run: Collision Course
    From planetary hit and runs to galactic t-bones, the universe is on a collision course. In this episode, we bring the most intense smashups in the cosmos to life.
  • Yukon River Run: Into The Darkness
    Neil's team works on survival skills, Scotty and his crew fortify and insulate their raft, and Andrew and Josh stumble upon a local hot spring.
  • Yukon River Run: Braving The Boneyard
    The rookies cash in selling firewood in the village of Tanana. Neil leads his crew through a dangerous stretch of river known as The Boneyard.
  • Yukon River Run: Man Down
    Three crews prepare for the journey of a lifetime as they get ready to sail their giant log rafts down Alaska's Yukon River.
  • Yukon River Run: Merciless Miles
    Neil's team work to sell their raft and supplies, hoping to cash in big, while Scotty turns down an offer that doesn't meet his goal.
  • Yukon River Run: Into The Freeze
    Six weeks into their journey, the remaining two rafts struggle to navigate the perilous Yukon River, and both crews must pull over and regroup.
  • Yukon River Run: Make Or Break
    In the wilderness outside Galena, Neil and Lauro take their dog sled team deep into the forest, trying to reach their winter cabin.
  • Yukon River Run: Profit Or Peril
    On Alaska's Yukon River, three crews prepare for the journey of a lifetime selling timber and supplies to locals in remote villages downriver.