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  • Ride The Lightning show

    Ride The Lightning

    This week the competition is close with only few hundred dollars separating the top contenders. No one wants to miss a chance...

  • Smoke On The Water show

    Smoke On The Water

    It's week seven of fishing and boats are teaming up to share information, in a bid to catch more fish.

  • The Fleet Strikes Back show

    The Fleet Strikes Back

    After an unusually slow start to the season, defending champion Captain Dave Carraro and his vessel, the FV-Tuna.Com, are back...

  • Two For The Money show

    Two For The Money

    While things are looking up for the Dot Com, engine troubles on the Hard Merchandise make them the weak link in a...

  • A Fin And A Prayer show

    A Fin And A Prayer

    There are three weeks left in the Bluefin tuna fishing season as the fleet battles for final paychecks and the title of top...

  • Fishin' Friction show

    Fishin' Friction

    It's the halfway point of the season, and with the pressure for bluefin intensifying, tensions rise for captains and their crews.

  • Mutiny On The Water show

    Mutiny On The Water

    When Captain Tyler McLaughlin arrives at the dock, ready to go fishing, he gets a nasty surprise.

  • Point Break show

    Point Break

    Coming into week twelve, there are several boats in the fleet that have been struggling lately.

  • Road To Redemption show

    Road To Redemption

    The future is uncertain for crews on Wicked Pissah and Pinwheel after weeks of not getting along and not bringing home big...

  • Game of Fins show

    Game of Fins

    It’s week two of the season and the sibling crew on the Pinwheel continue to fish in honour of their fallen mate with the...

  • Wreck It Ralph show

    Wreck It Ralph

    When a familiar face returns to Gloucester to compete for the title of top bluefin fisherman, the fleet isn't very welcoming.

  • Gods And Monstahs show

    Gods And Monstahs

    Each Captain has their methods, strategies and superstitions, but when problems emerge, it’s going to take a little luck to...

  • Relative Madness show

    Relative Madness

    Five weeks into the season and three captains turn to family for help. But will that decision make or break them?

  • Double Team show

    Double Team

    It’s almost the mid-point of blue fin fishing season so the clock is ticking. New alliances are built and battles continue...

  • Wicked Waves show

    Wicked Waves

    Stormy seas are on the horizon and when Mother Nature decides to flip her switch, the fleet must decide whether to stay and...

  • One For The Money show

    One For The Money

    The competition has been fierce all season, and with the clock ticking, the pressure to catch pushes captains and crew to...

  • Blood In The Water show

    Blood In The Water

    It’s a game changer going into week ten of the bluefin season when the quota drops from three fish to one fish per day...

  • The Sherman Tank show

    The Sherman Tank

    The captain must decide whether to risk making their way further out to sea but when that decision is made, who gets the pay...

  • Band of Brothers show

    Band of Brothers

    Coming into bluefin season with threats of domination, three new boats sit at the top of the fleet, proof they are worthy...

  • Follow The Leaders show

    Follow The Leaders

    Theres a small quota this year, and with fish being caught quickly its all about strategy and having a good start to the...