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  • Texas Twister show

    Texas Twister

    A group of veteran storm chasers have assembled the ultimate first-responder team for the rescue of trapped and injured family...

  • Muddying The Waters show

    Muddying The Waters

    In this episode, Jim hires Duane’s arch nemesis Todd and then takes off on an adventure to fix a snowcat.

  • Cheating Death show

    Cheating Death

    We are in an escalating race with super-bugs and super-viruses: living organisms that attack our bodies, adapt to our...

  • Kingdom of The Apes show

    Kingdom of The Apes

    Deep in the disappearing jungles of Africa, the secrets of the most mesmerizing and endangered creatures on this planet are...

  • Prime Suspect show

    Prime Suspect

    After Cody Dial’s backpack turns up, confirming that he made it out of the jungle alive, investigators search for clues in town.

  • A Father's Plea show

    A Father's Plea

    After hitting a snag in the investigation, Ken and Carson must convince Pata de Lora to make a statement to the Costa Rican...

  • Kipling's Paradise show

    Kipling's Paradise

    The Western Ghats are amongst Earth's most biodiverse regions, and these mountains are the birthplace for many of India's...

  • The Great Indian Plains show

    The Great Indian Plains

    The Thar is known as the Great Indian Desert. Scorched by a near-permanent drought, it's India's most inhospitable region.

  • The Victims show

    The Victims

    No bodies, fingerprints, or DNA. Will Karsten be able to identify the victims in the video? His quest takes him deep into...

  • The Story Of Us with Morgan Freeman show

    The Story Of Us with Morgan Freeman

    From the award-winning team behind The Story of God with Morgan Freeman comes the new six-part series, The Story of Us with...

  • Power of Us show

    Power of Us

    How do we make sure our leaders act in our best interest? What happens when the people give up too much power? How do you...

  • Cuban Rum And Revolution show

    Cuban Rum And Revolution

    Cuba is the of-the-moment hot spot for tourism, defined by images of cigars, rum and classic cars. But is this the real Cuba?

  • Riding For Mother Russia show

    Riding For Mother Russia

    The Night Wolves are a Russian Orthodox biker gang lauded by the Kremlin. They are on the frontlines of Russia’s battle for...

  • African Wedding Crashers show

    African Wedding Crashers

    With only 12-hours' notice to attend a wedding in Tanzania's capital city, it's a good thing David is in Dar es Salaam, a...

  • Air Crash Investigation Special Report show

    Air Crash Investigation Special Report

    Remarkable stories from the series have led to new regulations within the aviation industry making flying safer. Every day,...

  • Animal Fight Night show

    Animal Fight Night

    Animals battle for territory, food and mating rights across the globe. There are key challenges to being an animal in the wild...

  • U.S. Secret Service: On the Front Line show

    U.S. Secret Service: On the Front Line

    With unprecedented access, National Geographic cameras go behind-the-scenes with the US Secret Service. Shift agents,...

  • Hitler's Final Offensive show

    Hitler's Final Offensive

    Hitler's final throw of the dice to win World War Two - a surprise, winter attack against the Allies least defended front line...

  • WW2 Hell Under The Sea show

    WW2 Hell Under The Sea

    It’s January 1943 and Dudley "Mush" Morton, Commander of USS Wahoo, sets out to gain an edge in America’s South Pacific...

  • Wounded Warrior show

    Wounded Warrior

    USS Silversides battles depth charges, a jammed torpedo and an emergency appendectomy deep in enemy waters whilst intercepting...