Alaska Animal Rescue is back for another season of excitement as Alaska's conservation heroes return to rescue, rehabilitate, research and release the wild animals of America's last frontier. Whether it's preparing for the long-awaited birth of a Steller sea lion, rehabilitating of baby Western screech owls, or raising two orphaned moose calves - the adventures never cease on the Last Frontier!


  • Alaska Animal Rescue: You're Owl I Need
    A starving sea otter with a severe paw injury, three undersized owlets, and a surprise baby reindeer need to put on the pounds to get out of danger.
  • Alaska Animal Rescue: Wild Moose Chase
    A Steller sea lion pup learns how to swim, a bald eagle is rushed into emergency surgery, and a moose enters rut for the first time.
  • Alaska Animal Rescue: Bear Witch Project
    New challenges for rescued brown bears, a bitey harbor seal's epic rehab journey, a mysteriously injured eagle... and a raven stuck in a gutter.
  • Alaska Animal Rescue: Beast Friends Forever
    A bald eagle prepares for its freedom, a harbor seal pup gets a rehab partner, and an orphaned caribou looks for a new family.
  • Alaska Animal Rescue: Duck, Duck, Moose!
    Wild animals big and small need help! A snowshoe hare needs a home, a bald eagle's 4 foot wing is injured, and a massive elk gets tangled in wire.
  • Alaska Animal Rescue: All Bark And No Pup
    Two orphaned moose calves adjust to their new home, a sea lion endures a long pregnancy, and a juvenile bald eagle gets a chance to go free.
  • Alaska Animal Rescue: One Way Or An Otter
    A resident black bear preps for winter hibernation, an orphaned sea otter is bottle-raised, and a rare hawk fights for survival.
  • Alaska Animal Rescue: Thrills And Quills
    Rescued harbor seal pups, a great blue heron and a three-legged porcupine defy the odds and make Alaskan conservation history.