• Alaska Animal Rescue show

      Alaska Animal Rescue

      Alaska Animal Rescue is back for another season of excitement as Alaska's conservation heroes return to rescue, rehabilitate,...

    • You're Owl I Need show

      You're Owl I Need

      A starving sea otter with a severe paw injury, three undersized owlets, and a surprise baby reindeer need to put on the pounds...

    • Wild Moose Chase show

      Wild Moose Chase

      A Steller sea lion pup learns how to swim, a bald eagle is rushed into emergency surgery, and a moose enters rut for the first...

    • Duck, Duck, Moose! show

      Duck, Duck, Moose!

      Wild animals big and small need help! A snowshoe hare needs a home, a bald eagle's 4 foot wing is injured, and a massive elk...

    • Thrills And Quills show

      Thrills And Quills

      Rescued harbor seal pups, a great blue heron and a three-legged porcupine defy the odds and make Alaskan conservation history.

    • Beast Friends Forever show

      Beast Friends Forever

      A bald eagle prepares for its freedom, a harbor seal pup gets a rehab partner, and an orphaned caribou looks for a new family.

    • All Bark And No Pup show

      All Bark And No Pup

      Two orphaned moose calves adjust to their new home, a sea lion endures a long pregnancy, and a juvenile bald eagle gets a...