We put some of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world under the spotlight and find out how they're able to wipe out cities, turn day to night and even trigger global catastrophes. We join a team of dedicated scientists who are trying to understand the mysterious vortex at the heart of a tornado - risking their lives to as they chase these deadly storms across Tornado Alley in the USA. We scrutinise the behaviour of wildfires.
We explore what makes a dust storm, where they originate, and examines the fallout. We fly through the maelstrom of the hurricane into the calm center of the storm, the eye, to try and unravel the mysteries within these monsters. We find out when you are safe and when you might be struck by lightning. Join us on a scientific journey to discover how floods work and what we can do to survive them.


  • Built For Destruction: Flood
  • Built For Destruction: Hurricane
    Journeys into the heart of the biggest storms on earth. Hurricane Georges the long-lived, Mitch the unpredictable and Andrew the expensive. All killer storms but all unique. Hurricanes can span an ocean or envelop an entire country. Despite their gigantic proportions their movement is full of surprises. We fly through the maelstrom of the eye wall into the calm center of the storm, the eye, to try and unravel the mysteries within these monsters. Following the life span of a hurricane we see it grow from seedling to adolescence and through its prime. Eventually undergoing a steady growth reversal, until it dies over land.
  • Built For Destruction: Volcano
  • Built For Destruction: Jellyfish Invasion
  • Built For Destruction: Tornado
  • Built For Destruction: Lightning
    Photographer Carsten Peter and lightning researcher Tim Samaras are chasing lightning storms in the North American Southwest on "Nat Geo's Most Amazing Photos: Lightning." Carsten's dual missions are to shoot pictures of lightning for National Geographic magazine and to photograph Samaras as he tries to capture scientifically valuable images of the process that occurs when an electrical strike from the ground meets a bolt from the sky. If successful, the men could take a ground-breaking photograph. But it is dangerous. Will they get the lightning or will the lightning get them?
  • Built For Destruction: Desert
    Witness incredible life-or-death interactions between desert creatures in a dramatic second-by-second analyses of the moments leading up to a kill.
  • Built For Destruction: Wildfire
    Wildfires are the most destructive fires on earth. Explore how firefighters try to deal with these infernos.