• CAR S.O.S

  • Wednesday 6 March 2024 at 6:00PM
  • National Geographic
  • Car S.O.S show

    Car S.O.S

    Warming the cockles of your heart, the ever-popular Car SOS is back for an eleventh season, as Fuzz Townshend and Tim Shaw...

  • Rover SD1 show

    Rover SD1

    Tim and Fuzz take a trip back in time with a 1986 Rover SD1, the car belongs to 58-year-old, landscape gardener Darren who has...

  • Ford Mustang show

    Ford Mustang

    Tim and Fuzz rescue a tatty Ford Mustang, which was left to rot after the owner's wife tragically died. Now, 33 years later,...

  • JCB Digger show

    JCB Digger

    Tim and Fuzz travel to Southend to take on a 1978 JCB digger. The vehicle belongs to former carpenter Kev who has recently...

  • Toyota MR2 show

    Toyota MR2

    Tim and Fuzz take on the challenge of restoring a tatty Mk.1 Toyota MR2, but soon discover there’s more to this little...

  • Vauxhall Cavalier Turbo show

    Vauxhall Cavalier Turbo

    The boys take on a 1994 Vauxhall Cavalier Turbo owned by Darren. His friends hope the restored car will lift his spirits after...

  • MGB show


    Tim and Fuzz are on their 100th car and first electric conversion, an MGB for unsuspecting owner Caroline.

  • Saab 900 show

    Saab 900

    Tim and Fuzz are taking on a 1989 Saab 900 Turbo. The car belongs to former Electrical Engineer Pravesh, who has been struck...

  • Toyoto Supra MK.4 show

    Toyoto Supra MK.4

    Tim and Fuzz take on a 1993 Toyota Supra Mk.4 owned by former motorcycle racer Lisa. Her family hope the restored car will...

  • Dennis Fire Engine show

    Dennis Fire Engine

    Tim and Fuzz are off to Kent to rescue a 1973 Dennis Fire Engine. The engine belongs to firefighter James who sadly lost his...

  • Citroen HY Van show

    Citroen HY Van

    The boys head to Manchester to take on a 1963 Citroen HY Van for a family whose lives were torn apart when one of them was...

  • Fiat Uno Turbo show

    Fiat Uno Turbo

    Tim and Fuzz are taking on a neglected 1988 Fiat Uno Turbo. The car belongs to former car salesman Gerry who has been struck...