• Wednesday 19 June 2024 at 7:00PM
  • National Geographic


What do you get when you cross hidden cameras, the BIG Piano, 50,000 commuters and a team of behavioral scientists, builders and engineers?  Answer: National Geographic's new fun and fact packed undercover science intervention show, Crowd Control.

Over 12 themed episodes, Americans will be tricked into getting richer, living longer, behaving better and laughing a lot.  Using awesome big builds, crazy technological innovations and surprise celebrity guests Crowd Control invisibly influences the actions of the crowd, resulting in huge and measurable changes in our behavior.

The joy of the show is the reaction from the unsuspecting public - when trash cans shout at them, cookie jars give them electric shocks and speed cameras pay them money.  Combined with exciting new and ‘wow’ science moments Crowd Control reveals how and why we behave as we do. A companion to National Geographic's...
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