What do you get when you cross hidden cameras, the BIG Piano, 50,000 commuters and a team of behavioral scientists, builders and engineers?  Answer: National Geographic's new fun and fact packed undercover science intervention show, Crowd Control.

Over 12 themed episodes, Americans will be tricked into getting richer, living longer, behaving better and laughing a lot.  Using awesome big builds, crazy technological innovations and surprise celebrity guests Crowd Control invisibly influences the actions of the crowd, resulting in huge and measurable changes in our behavior.

The joy of the show is the reaction from the unsuspecting public - when trash cans shout at them, cookie jars give them electric shocks and speed cameras pay them money.  Combined with exciting new and ‘wow’ science moments Crowd Control reveals how and why we behave as we do. A companion to National Geographic's high-rating show Brain Games, this show puts the theory into practice, traveling all over America to transform bad and undesirable behavior one challenge at a time.


  • Crowd Control: Top Take Away
  • Crowd Control: Do The Right Thing
    Behavior change expert Daniel Pink makes doing the right thing fun.
  • Crowd Control: Food For Thought
    Daniel Pink experiments with a new kind of diet - one that the dieter doesnt even know they are on!
  • Crowd Control: Anger Management
    Host Daniel Pink likes a challenge but getting people to actually enjoy a visit to the DMV may be his biggest yet.
  • Crowd Control: Lawbreakers
    Millions of us routinely break the law by driving too fast, but countless speeding tickets don't seem to make any difference.
  • Crowd Control: Top Takeaways
    In front of an audience, including many of the people featured in his stunts, he reveals the tricks of his trade.
  • Crowd Control: Selfishness
    Behavior change expert Daniel Pink has plans to turn us into model citizens without us even realizing it.
  • Crowd Control: Dirty Deeds
    You know those dirty little habits we think we get away with because nobodys watching?
  • Crowd Control: Travel Tricks
    Behavior change expert Daniel Pink is determined to put the fun back into travel.
  • Crowd Control: Lazy Nation
    The French Quarter in New Orleans is one of the few places in America you can drink on the streets but that brings its own problem.
  • Crowd Control: Money
  • Crowd Control: Feet First
    Daniel has an ingenious idea that makes taking the stairs much more fun than riding the escalator.
  • Crowd Control: Time Flies
    Daniel Pink reveals the shocking truth of how sun worshipers will look when theyre older.