• Monday 27 March 2023 at 10:00PM
  • National Geographic


Combining undersea exploration with innovative visualizations, Drain The Oceans reveals hidden evidence of amazing undersea mysteries. Not 'artists impressions' but what is actually there - down to the very last rivet. And, for it's fourth season, it embraces a gripping new style, telling stories purely through the worlds of explorers and archaeologists, putting viewers right by their side.


  • Drain The Oceans: Venice's Lost Empire
    A 14th-century galley entombed in mud, a 16th-century hoard of luxury cargo, and a gruesome discovery reveal the rise and fall of the Venetian Empire.
  • Drain The Oceans: Lost Treasures of Egypt
    An immersive, action-packed and discovery-led series following International teams of Egyptologists as they unearth the world's richest seam of ancient archaeology - Egypt's Valley of the Kings. For a full season of excavations and with unprecedented access to the teams on the front line of archaeology, we follow these modern day explorers as they battle searing heat and inhospitable terrain to make the discoveries of a lifetime. Using innovative technology and age-old intuition in their quest to uncover the secrets of these ancient sites, can the team's discoveries re-write ancient history?
  • Drain The Oceans: The Wild West
    Uncovered clues from a famous Montana battleground, a 19th-century steamboat and a frontier ghost town reveal surprising truths about the Wild West.
  • Drain The Oceans: Hollywood
    From a buried film set to a WW1 Navy ship and old fishing barge, we discover the role these ruins played in Hollywood movie-making history.
  • Drain The Oceans: Episode 4
    The mysterious sinking of Australia’s “Titanic”, a warship on a dangerous mission, and a ROV expedition searching for clues at the bottom of the reef.
  • Drain The Oceans: Lost Giants
    Over the last century, a new breed of ocean giant has emerged. Maritime archaeologists and historians go in search of the biggest wrecks ever sunk beneath the seas. New scientific data combines with cutting-edge computer graphics to drain the oceans to investigate the world's most awe-inspiring wrecks.
  • Drain The Oceans: Lost Nukes of The Cold War
    Conducted in secret beneath the waves, The Cold War was the world’s first nuclear armed confrontation and also the most clandestine war in history.
  • Drain The Oceans: London's Secrets History
    London is one of the most powerful cities on earth. Draining the Oceans reveals the story of the city's meteoric rise.
  • Drain The Oceans: The Great Barrier Reef
    The mysterious sinking of Australia’s “Titanic”, a warship on a dangerous mission, and a ROV expedition searching for clues at the bottom of the reef.
  • Drain The Oceans: Hurricane Apocalypse
    Remnants of colonization attempts, a revolutionary refugee ship and submerged subway cars reveal hurricanes’ impacts on America’s past and its future.
  • Drain The Oceans: Episode 7
    Archaeologists and treasure hunters battle it out over half a billion dollars worth of gold and silver. Who will win the Battle for the Black Swan?
  • Drain The Oceans: Sea of Secrets
    The Black Sea is a place of myth and legend and ships have sailed on its waters for millennia. Three wrecks unlock secrets of this mysterious sea.
  • Drain The Oceans: The First Americans
    Clues from a 13,000-year-old skeleton and a submerged coastline reveal surprising insights about the first humans to arrive in the Americas.