• Friday 19 April 2024 at 6:00PM
  • National Geographic
  • Drain The Oceans show

    Drain The Oceans

    Drain the Oceans investigates incredible detective story adventures at sea and on land. The series features passionate...

  • Invasion Usa show

    Invasion Usa

    A shipwreck is thought to be a lost flagship from the War of 1812, and an artist uncovers her ancestor’s link to the burning...

  • $20 Million Time Bomb show

    $20 Million Time Bomb

    The true story of one of the darkest crimes on the high seas; the sinking of the MV Lucona and its crew, all to claim a...

  • Secrets Of The Dinosaurs show

    Secrets Of The Dinosaurs

    Palaeontologists journey from Patagonia to Canada to overturn popular misconceptions about dinosaurs and uncover the real...

  • Rise Of The Mob show

    Rise Of The Mob

    Hidden in the oceans, lakes and rivers of the US lie wrecks revealing secrets to the rise to power of the American Mob in the...

  • Alaska show


    The hunt for a legendary ghost ship in Alaska reveals a corner of the United States once known as “Russian America.”

  • The Myth Of The Pacific Pirate Ship show

    The Myth Of The Pacific Pirate Ship

    Fragments of porcelain and blocks of beeswax lead to a 250-year-old shipwreck and a forgotten trade route of vast cargo ships...

  • The Alamo show

    The Alamo

    Drowned shipwrecks and lost battlefields reveal secrets of America’s most famous siege and tell how Texas, against all odds,...

  • Ancient Maya Resurrection show

    Ancient Maya Resurrection

    New discoveries made at a lost city and a human sacrifice deep within an underwater cave reveal secrets about the rise and...

  • Narcos show


    A mysterious plane wreck in the Caribbean and secret tunnels along America’s border with Mexico reveal the scale of the...

  • Pearl Harbor show

    Pearl Harbor

    Draining Hawaiʻi reveals Japan's secret weapons, from mini-subs to fighter planes, with the wreck of USS Arizona a reminder...

  • The Secrets of Pomepeii's Dead show

    The Secrets of Pomepeii's Dead

    New discoveries at Pompeii and Herculaneum reveal the identities and final moments of those trapped during the eruption of a...