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  • Forgotten Ancestors show

    Forgotten Ancestors

    An exploration of human potential for change, concluding with the story of one of history's greatest monster and his virtuous...

  • X-Ray Earth show

    X-Ray Earth

    A brand new terrestrial laser tool allows us to dissolve the earth's surface, going beyond human perception to see inside the...

  • Seattle Mega Quake show

    Seattle Mega Quake

    X-raying the earth reveals a vast fault 80 miles off the Pacific Northwest coast. For over 300 years pressure has been...

  • Bentley Continental Gt show

    Bentley Continental Gt

    For fifteen years the Bentley Continental has been the most successful high-end grand tourer ever made. Now the marque must...

  • Lamborghini Aventador Svj show

    Lamborghini Aventador Svj

    This is the newest machine from the house of the raging bull and quite possibly the last of its kind.

  • Everest: Science Expedition show

    Everest: Science Expedition

    In a groundbreaking expedition, dozens of scientists converge to investigate what secrets the world’s highest peak has to...

  • Made in a Day show

    Made in a Day

    The last decade has seen a revolution in manufacturing. A just in time economy means the products we love are being made on a...

  • Inside North Korea: The Cyber State show

    Inside North Korea: The Cyber State

    North Korea can now attack without landing a soldier on the ground, and with impunity. From Sony to WannaCry, the North...

  • The Final Push show

    The Final Push

    With stage one nearing its end, an unexpected roadblock throws a wrench in the race.

  • A Million Bucks Or Bust show

    A Million Bucks Or Bust

    Four teams converge at the final destination for a battle in the final stage of the race.

  • High Maintenance show

    High Maintenance

    Building a complex structure or system requires care and attention to detail, but if that structure should fail, the...

  • Collisions At Sea show

    Collisions At Sea

    Collisions at sea are of the most costly accidents, both financially and to lives. Exploring 3 historical wrecks – HMS...

  • Danger Ahead show

    Danger Ahead

    The sea is unpredictable. Critical decisions made in the face of danger make all the difference. What sank the ocean liner...

  • Heavy Metal House show

    Heavy Metal House

    Heavy Metal House

  • Sharkmen show


  • Machu Picchu show

    Machu Picchu

    Machu Picchu

  • Is It Real? show

    Is It Real?

    Is It Real?

  • The Great Divide show

    The Great Divide

    The Great Divide

  • Rolex: Heroes of the Ocean With Sylvia Earle show

    Rolex: Heroes of the Ocean With Sylvia Earle

    Oceanographer Sylvia Earle is probably more at home under the sea than she is on dry land. At least, that’s where this...

  • Naked Science show

    Naked Science

    Naked Science