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  • Uprising show


    After a first season hailed as "the most important television series ever," the Emmy award-winning documentary series, Years...

  • Robot Revolution show

    Robot Revolution

    Max and Mischa go on a global trip to uncover some of the world's hardest working gadgets. They'll encounter gargantuan...

  • Antractic Aftermath show

    Antractic Aftermath

    Continent 7: Antarctica will take you on a journey to Antarctica to experience the world’s most extreme wilderness, to see...

  • Extream Ice show

    Extream Ice

    In the extreme, ice-bound regions of the earth, something unprecedented is happening. Everywhere, glaciers and ice sheets have...

  • Dude, Where's My Body? show

    Dude, Where's My Body?

    Advances in graphics and computing power now mean that we’re seeing more human activity transfer to virtual spaces. Is there...

  • Alien show


    Dr Mae Jemison and her fellow astronauts explore how life on Earth evolved from single cell bacteria to now and what it means...

  • Mars: Inside Space X show

    Mars: Inside Space X

    Compilation of the best parts of Space X from Mars season 1 and new Falcon Heavy footage.

  • Mission to the Sun show

    Mission to the Sun

    In August 2018 NASA launched the first ever mission to a star. A historic quest to explore the last great frontier of our...

  • Rise Of the Roman Empire show

    Rise Of the Roman Empire

    Drain the Oceans unlocks the secrets of how the Roman Empire controlled the seas of the Ancient world and how it harnessed the...

  • Drain Egypt's Sunken City show

    Drain Egypt's Sunken City

    Historic texts tell of a mighty Ancient Egyptian city in the Nile delta. Celebrated as a trade hub and visited by Greek gods...

  • Pearl Harbor show

    Pearl Harbor

    Draining Hawaiʻi reveals Japan's secret weapons, from mini-subs to fighter planes, with the wreck of USS Arizona a reminder...

  • Alaska show


    The hunt for a legendary ghost ship in Alaska reveals a corner of the United States once known as “Russian America.”

  • Lost Treasures of the Maya show

    Lost Treasures of the Maya

    National Geographic Explorer Albert Lin ventures into the Guatemalan jungle to explore how a new high-tech treasure map is...

  • Reach For The Stars show

    Reach For The Stars

    This episode continues the evolution of the space program of MBRSC and sheds light on HOPE the satellite that was built as...

  • Science of Stupid Comps show

    Science of Stupid Comps

    This series reveals how brains process information related to topics like stress, addiction, competition, food, trust and...

  • Mind Over Matter show

    Mind Over Matter

    New Orleans Saints NFL quarterback Drew Brees puts his brain to the test with a series of mental challenges exploring how...

  • Movie Magic show

    Movie Magic

    Actress Tiffany Haddish and director Jordan Peele join Keegan-Michael Key to play games that show how Hollywood pros...

  • A Day on Mars show

    A Day on Mars

    For centuries, humanity has dreamed of Mars. We’ve imagined it, told stories about it, made plans for it. In recent decades,...

  • Back from the Dead show

    Back from the Dead

    Rescued- The gripping new series that does a 180 on the traditional survival genre. Telling dramatic real-life stories from...

  • Bleeding Out show

    Bleeding Out

    Rescued- The gripping new series that does a 180 on the traditional survival genre. Telling dramatic real-life stories from...