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  • Into The Wild show

    Into The Wild

    Witness some of the most surprising dramas unfold in the wilderness as carnivores emerge on varied landscapes. We explore the...

  • Predators At War show

    Predators At War

    Predators At War

  • Dawn of Darkness show

    Dawn of Darkness

    Led by a ruthless Commander, the rotten clan of hyenas seizes power from the lions. An exiled Queen is hell bent on winning...

  • Namibia (Namibia, Sancutary Of Giants) show

    Namibia (Namibia, Sancutary Of Giants)

    Experts search for a way to protect Namibia's incredible population of black rhinos, elephants and cheetahs from a tide of...

  • Africa's Hunters show

    Africa's Hunters

    Zambia's extraordinary Luangwa Valley is the perfect hunting ground for some of Africa's most iconic predators. Prides of...

  • The Misfit Comes of Age show

    The Misfit Comes of Age

    The Misfit is a charismatic cub who's had a rough ride. A timid oddball once bullied by his big brothers and rejected by his...

  • Alaska's Grizzly Gauntlet show

    Alaska's Grizzly Gauntlet

    Survival expert Les Stroud explores the world of Alaska's most formidable wildlife and uncovers the secrets.

  • Untamed Wild show

    Untamed Wild

    National Geographic Abu Dhabi brings 10 hours of bespoke of thrilling programming and dedicated, to natur's fiercest big...

  • Lion Kingdom show

    Lion Kingdom

    The saga of three lion families linked together by a strange, charmed place. A beautiful oasis on the Mwagusi River in...

  • Kingdom of The White Wolf show

    Kingdom of The White Wolf

    As Winter approaches, the pack is running out of food and needs a fresh kill. White Scarf leads the pack in a successful hunt...

  • Forest of The Golden Monkey show

    Forest of The Golden Monkey

    Meet China's most affectionate and vocal monkeys in the remote, seasonal forests of Central China. Follow the journey of a...

  • Predator Bloodlines show

    Predator Bloodlines

    Bloodlines...it is through this mechanism that individuals inherit the unique code for survival. In these five epic tales of...

  • The Brotherhood show

    The Brotherhood

    To see them stride across the Mara is a spectacle indeed. An undeniable band-of-brothers, these males significantly enhance...

  • Crittercam Chronicles show

    Crittercam Chronicles

    Crittercam Chronicles

  • Sharkmen show


  • Monkey Thieves show

    Monkey Thieves

    Monkey Thieves

  • Hunter Hunted show

    Hunter Hunted

    Hunter Hunted

  • Wild Amazon show

    Wild Amazon

    Wild Amazon

  • River Jaws show

    River Jaws

    River Jaws

  • Africa's Deadliest show

    Africa's Deadliest

    Evolution is a deadly arms race where particular species evolve to become the most lethal. Featuring startling footage of...