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  • Masters of The Freeze show

    Masters of The Freeze

    Even in the mildest climates, life is a struggle, but animals living in the coldest regions of the world have bodies and...

  • The, Kangaroo Mob show

    The, Kangaroo Mob

    Wildlife zoologist Jack Randall journeys deep into the Australian outback to fulfill his lifelong dream of being accepted into...

  • Legendary Catch show

    Legendary Catch

    Carter Andrews has been anchored in life by a drive and zeal for extreme fishing. Follow Carter in his international journey...

  • Jungle Heroes show

    Jungle Heroes

    A land of elephants, tigers, leopards and bears, India is one of the most biodiverse countries on earth. But it's also home to...

  • A Tiger's Tale show

    A Tiger's Tale

    Wildlife SOS are determined to help a rescued 18-year-old tiger Jawara, whose teeth and paw were damaged in a poacher's trap.

  • Stranger Than Nature show

    Stranger Than Nature

    Stranger Than Nature investigates the strangest real-life stories from the natural world. From the weird & wonderful to the...

  • Counting Tigers show

    Counting Tigers

    Fewer than 4,000 wild tigers remain in the world. As one of Earth's most iconic animals battles for its survival, one country...

  • Secrets of The Zoo: Tampa show

    Secrets of The Zoo: Tampa

    Secrets of the Zoo: Tampa embraces the wild side of the Sunshine State with a steller zoo team devoted to an exotic coast of...

  • The Old Farm Magic show

    The Old Farm Magic

    Spring has sprung, but a snowstorm hits Nebraska, forcing the Drs. Erin and Ben Schroeder to contend with unpredictable...

  • Bird of Prey show

    Bird of Prey

    Alaskans must move quickly to secure food before winter covers the Arctic. The Roach family hopes to make up for lost time and...

  • All Bark And No Pup show

    All Bark And No Pup

    Two orphaned moose calves adjust to their new home, a sea lion endures a long pregnancy, and a juvenile bald eagle gets a...

  • Icelandic Giants show

    Icelandic Giants

    Jeremy Wade’s fishing adventure through Iceland’s river systems in search of the elusive Atlantic salmon, a fish that even...

  • African Lake Giants show

    African Lake Giants

    Jeremy travels the length of Kenya, visiting two gigantic lakes in search of the giant Nile perch – one of the biggest...

  • Fish or Famine show

    Fish or Famine

    A search and rescue specialist, an outdoor survival instructor, and a wilderness enthusiast, along with their aging dogs,...

  • Deadly Plains show

    Deadly Plains

    Survivalist Hazen Audel joins indigenous cowboys, as he tackles the open savannah in the second leg of his extreme Amazon...

  • Far From Home show

    Far From Home

    Joe & his companion Freedom travel the U.S. in their van together in search of their next adventure. While in Alaska, the...

  • Mali Elephants show

    Mali Elephants

    The Mali elephant takes on the longest elephant migration on Earth; in 300-mile circle around the heart of Mali.

  • Borneo show


    Spectacular rain forest decorate Borneo, the third largest island in the world.

  • Zebras show


    The migration of the Makgadikgadi Zebras is the second largest zebra migration in the world.

  • Wildebeest show


    The migrating Serengeti-Mara population represents about 70% of the global population of common wildebeests.