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  • Four Strike Summer show

    Four Strike Summer

    The North Carolina coastline is one the country's most popular tourist destinations, thanks to its warm waters and powder...

  • Great Smoky Mountains show

    Great Smoky Mountains

    Follow us on an epic journey from the geysers of Yellowstone to the rugged Pacific coast of the Olympic peninsula, from the...

  • California Burning show

    California Burning

    A group of veteran storm chasers have assembled the ultimate first-responder team for the rescue of trapped and injured family...

  • Texas Twister show

    Texas Twister

    A group of veteran storm chasers have assembled the ultimate first-responder team for the rescue of trapped and injured family...

  • Return of The Spider Monkeys show

    Return of The Spider Monkeys

    After an 8-year rehabilitation, a spider monkey named Infinity is ready to return to the wild. Filmmaker Michael Sanderson...

  • The Lion Dentist show

    The Lion Dentist

    Jeremy visits a drive-through safari park to give a sedated lion a check-up, feed the chimps and meet with a newborn giraffe!

  • The Hot Springs Pack show

    The Hot Springs Pack

    A family of wild dogs - the Hot Springs Pack - is in trouble when three of the adults choose to strike out on their own. The...

  • Deadly Rivals show

    Deadly Rivals

    Thandi and Lula are two-month-old wild dog pups ? the only females in a litter of six. Lula loves to rough and tumble with her...

  • Australia - After The Monsoon show

    Australia - After The Monsoon

    Spend 24 hours in the Australian wilderness at the end of the wet season. In the air, the Sea Eagle is the master of the...

  • South Seas: Battle For Life show

    South Seas: Battle For Life

    Spend 24 hours in the tropics of the South Seas, where the reefs are a deadly city of predator and prey, and a nesting turtle...

  • Wild Africa: Africa's Big 5 show

    Wild Africa: Africa's Big 5

    No animals have captured the world's attention quite like the mighty Big 5 of Africa. The lion, leopard, Cape buffalo, African...

  • Africa's Deadliest show

    Africa's Deadliest

    In the battlegrounds of Botswana, it takes cunning, power and ingenuity to survive. This 3 part series explores how hunters...

  • Animal Fight Night show

    Animal Fight Night

    Animals battle for territory, food and mating rights across the globe. There are key challenges to being an animal in the wild...

  • Trials of the Wild show

    Trials of the Wild

    Some of the greatest natural spectacles in the world are animals on the move. On land, in the air and at sea, many animals...

  • Hostile Planet show

    Hostile Planet

    HOSTILE PLANET is a ground-breaking wildlife series that explores Earth's most hostile environments. Over the course of six...

  • Chasing Giants show

    Chasing Giants

    Fearless wildlife zoologist Jack Randall dives head-first into a marine mystery: are majestic Green Sea Turtles adapting to...

  • Limbo show


    This film presents the landscape and wildlife of the Middle world of the Okavango river in Southern Africa.

  • Family Reunion show

    Family Reunion

    A hyena chased by frightened villagers, a reptile invades a city home. And a lost leopard cub is separated from her mom.

  • Homecoming show


    Following a monsoon flood the Wildlife SOS team is called out on a dangerous mission to extract a crocodile flushed down a well.

  • The Clan show

    The Clan

    She overthrew the preceding ruler of North Clan in an unprecedented take-over, fighting her way up from a lowly rank to...