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  • Gimme Shelter show

    Gimme Shelter

    Under the relentless battering of Northern Maine’s winter weather, a professional dog trainer and her eager Border Collie,...

  • Peaks of Peril show

    Peaks of Peril

    Survivalist Hazen Audel tackles thundering waterfalls and the world’s most dangerous snake in the latest leg of his extreme...

  • Storming Waters show

    Storming Waters

    Survivalist Hazen Audel fights through endless mangrove swamp, finally reaching the Atlantic Ocean to complete his extreme...

  • Built for the Kill show

    Built for the Kill

    Built for the Kill

  • Wild Amazon show

    Wild Amazon

    Wild Amazon

  • Africa's Deadliest show

    Africa's Deadliest

    Wild unpredictable and ruthless Africa’s battlefields set the scene for brutal animal showdowns as its inhabitants go head...

  • Destination Wild show

    Destination Wild

    When it comes to experiencing the best, most intimate encounters with wildlife ever seen on television, Nat Geo brings...

  • Raccoon: Backyard Bandit show

    Raccoon: Backyard Bandit

    Raccoon: Backyard Bandit

  • Grizzly Woods show

    Grizzly Woods

    Grizzly Woods

  • Blood In The Water show

    Blood In The Water

    Blood In The Water

  • Animal Fight Club show

    Animal Fight Club

    ANIMAL FIGHT CLUB is back for a fifth season, following nature's ferocious battles. Extraordinary weapons and tactics are...

  • Most Wanted Sharks show

    Most Wanted Sharks

    There are millions of sharks in our oceans, but a select few are so fascinating, they've become worldwide celebrities. Whether...

  • Phantom Sharks AKA Camo Sharks show

    Phantom Sharks AKA Camo Sharks

    Can sharks change color at will to enhance their predatory abilities? Through groundbreaking experiments, revered shark...

  • African Swamp Monster show

    African Swamp Monster

    African Swamp Monster

  • Hawaiian Terror show

    Hawaiian Terror

    The tourist hot spot of Maui, Hawaii is rocked by an unprecedented wave of shark attacks, three times more than average,...

  • Jersey Gore show

    Jersey Gore

    On the Jersey Shore, during the summer of 1916, America's fear of sharks was born. Investigators believe they must solve the...

  • Cape Terror show

    Cape Terror

    South Africa's magnificent Western Cape, famed for its wide sandy beaches, sunny climate and powerful surf. But in the last...

  • Animal Storm Squad show

    Animal Storm Squad

    A group of veteran storm chasers have assembled the ultimate first-responder team for the rescue of trapped and injured family...

  • Savage Kingdom show

    Savage Kingdom

    Sekekama, the undisputed King of the Marsh Pride, must contend with rivals to his throne. His three rising Princes are hungry...

  • Dawn of Darkness show

    Dawn of Darkness

    Led by a ruthless Commander, the rotten clan of hyenas seizes power from the lions. An exiled Queen is hell bent on winning...