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  • Lizard Kings show

    Lizard Kings

    Lizard Kings

  • Koala Hospital show

    Koala Hospital

    Koala Hospital

  • Ultimate Adversaries show

    Ultimate Adversaries

    The African bushveld - a battleground where creatures must fight for their right to rule. For many creatures, combat is the...

  • Kingdom of The Oceans show

    Kingdom of The Oceans

  • Tiger Jungles show

    Tiger Jungles

    Tiger Jungles

  • The Shark that Ate Everything show

    The Shark that Ate Everything

    We head off to the coast of New Zealand as shark researcher Apryl Boyle gives us a fascinating look into Sharks That Eat...

  • Sea Monster show

    Sea Monster

    Sea Monster

  • Reign of Terror show

    Reign of Terror

    Trapped by the rising flood waters, Dikeledi must teach her wayward cubs the lessons of survival. But this brutal Kingdom is...

  • Brother Against Brother show

    Brother Against Brother

    A chimp tribe with an embattled leader, scheming challenger, wise old females and clinging infants shows parallels to human...

  • Sharks Under Attack show

    Sharks Under Attack

    Sharks as heroes? Instagram star and underwater photographer Brian Skerry is on a mission to change how you think about these...

  • Walking With Giraffes show

    Walking With Giraffes

    Featuring unprecedented footage, Mission Critical: Walking with Giraffes follows top scientists, wildlife conservationists and...

  • Africa's Hunters show

    Africa's Hunters

    Zambia's extraordinary Luangwa Valley is the perfect hunting ground for some of Africa's most iconic predators. Prides of...

  • Leopard Who Changed Her Spots show

    Leopard Who Changed Her Spots

    Zambia's extraordinary Luangwa Valley is the perfect hunting ground for some of Africa's most iconic predators. Prides of...

  • Brazil: Deadly Paradise show

    Brazil: Deadly Paradise

    Spend 24 hours in Brazil's dry season, when predator and prey alike are driven towards the rivers and pools. Where jaguars,...

  • Himalayas - Fight For Survival show

    Himalayas - Fight For Survival

    A 24 hour battle for survival on the greatest mountain range on Earth - the Himalayas - a land where secretive cats hunt on...

  • Wild Thailand show

    Wild Thailand

    Thailand is a land of incredible beauty with more than 50 protected national parks accounting for nearly 10% of the country's...

  • Wild Korea show

    Wild Korea

    For thousands of years, Korea was known for its staggering natural beauty now, it is better known for its decades of conflict....

  • Tourist Trap show

    Tourist Trap

    Close to 2 million people visit Australia's Northern Territory every year. It's hot and the tourists want to swim, so while...

  • Wild Edens - South Asia show

    Wild Edens - South Asia

    The Wild Edens Project Involves Filming And Broadcasting A Series Of Feature-Length Documentaries About Remote And Protected...

  • Dead By Dawn show

    Dead By Dawn

    Witness the wild horror that animals have to face once the comforting light from the sun fades into the darkness, that brings...