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  • Tuff Enuff show

    Tuff Enuff

    Tuff Enuff

  • Dame of Cocaine show

    Dame of Cocaine

    This is the true story of Andrea Mohr from Germany. She was involved in international drug smuggling and other criminal...

  • Banged Up Abroad show

    Banged Up Abroad

    Follow the world’s most daring and dangerous criminals, from a drug trafficking war hero, to a Latin King street boss and a...

  • Narco At Nineteen show

    Narco At Nineteen

    In 2012 Simone Blignaut has a lucrative job working for one of Johannesburg's biggest drug dealers, but when her boss entrusts...

  • Korean Ecstasy King show

    Korean Ecstasy King

    Jesse Moskel is a born rebel. Raised in a strict Christian Cult in New York State, he breaks all the rules - drinking heavily...

  • Big Fix Alaska show

    Big Fix Alaska

    Big Fix Alaska chronicles the wild adventures of a full service master mechanic shop that takes on high-risk jobs across the...

  • Cocaine Sausages show

    Cocaine Sausages

    MIA CBP target a passenger with frequent trips to Colombia and after further questioning they suspect he could be smuggling...

  • Breakout show


    This high octane series tells the dramatic stories of some of the most high profile jailbreaks in recent history, and the...

  • Predator Alley show

    Predator Alley

    Mygrations follows a team of 20 men and women in a feat that has never been attempted, as they set out on foot, unarmed and...

  • Soweto show


    Known for being the home of South African heroes Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, the township of Soweto was, in years past,...

  • Caribbean Coke King show

    Caribbean Coke King

    A friendship that pulled a man out of depression soon leads to a life of crime and a Dominican prison sentence.

  • Goldfathers show


  • Hitler's Buzzsaw show

    Hitler's Buzzsaw

    Hitler's Buzzsaw

  • Water Works show

    Water Works

    Life in Alaska never slows down even in winter. Residents build a water catchment system, trap fur, collect logs and rescue an...

  • Cloud Forest Hunters show

    Cloud Forest Hunters

    Hazen travels to the mountains of northern Laos to meet the Akha tribe, who hunt using homemade gunpowder muskets. After...

  • Red Sea Explored - Episode 2 show

    Red Sea Explored - Episode 2

    Our oceans are not just beautiful sources of entertainment and recreation, but they help regulate the climate, are an...

  • Lion Dynasty show

    Lion Dynasty

    Our unique story spans a decade and follows one of Tanzania’s most powerful lion prides as they overcome mounting obstacles...

  • Ashton Kutcher in the Coastal Jungles of Costa Rica show

    Ashton Kutcher in the Coastal Jungles of Costa Rica

    Ashton Kutcher joins Bear in the jungles of Costa Rica. As they traverse through rivers, swamps and jungles, Bear teaches...

  • Mexican Border Bust show

    Mexican Border Bust

    In 1974, Steve Paterson had fully embraced the counter culture of Southern California, and when the opportunity to smuggle...

  • Thai Meth Bust show

    Thai Meth Bust

    Jimmy turned his life from one of misery into his dream but when he went a step too far, it all came crashing down and he...