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  • Cocaine Crackdown show

    Cocaine Crackdown

    JFK CBP question an elderly woman arriving from Peru. They suspect narcotics are cleverly concealed in bottles that she's...

  • Search & Seize show

    Search & Seize

    Search & Seize

  • Smuggle Once, Smuggle Twice? show

    Smuggle Once, Smuggle Twice?

    JFK CBP search a traveler flying from Panama to Hong Kong with no job or money. They suspect he's smuggling drugs through the...

  • Cavity Courier show

    Cavity Courier

    Cavity Courier

  • Airport Security: Brazil show

    Airport Security: Brazil

    São Paolo International Airport, Guarulhos, Brazil, South America’s busiest. Here, Federal Police work 24-7, to stop...

  • Bobby Bones In Norway Fjords show

    Bobby Bones In Norway Fjords

    US radio personality Bobby Bones joins Bear Grylls in a massive Norwegian Fjord where danger lurks at every turn.

  • Internal Investigation show

    Internal Investigation

    HSI investigates a suspicious baggage handler at JFK and uncovers an international criminal organization using airline...

  • Brie Larson In The Pearl Islands show

    Brie Larson In The Pearl Islands

    Jumping from a helicopter, trekking through crocodile filled mangroves and deadly tides – Captain Marvel herself takes on a...

  • Alex Honnold In The Swiss Alps show

    Alex Honnold In The Swiss Alps

    No stranger to dizzying heights, rock climber Alex Honnold joins Bear for an adventure through the craggy valleys and shear...

  • Michael Palin In North Korea show

    Michael Palin In North Korea

    The historic meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-In generated front page...

  • To Catch A Smuggler show

    To Catch A Smuggler

    124 million people enter the U.S. through our nation's airports each year. It's a nonstop human tidal wave and hid amongst...

  • Food Factory show

    Food Factory

    Behind each bag of chips, can of beer, bar of chocolate, and loaf of bread is a mega-industrial production line that brings...

  • Europe from Above show

    Europe from Above

    This series of spectacular aerial journeys reveal the world's most remarkable nations as they've never been seen before. From...

  • Pineapple Mafia show

    Pineapple Mafia

    As the battle for bluefin intensifies, the captains rely on good luck charms to help them hook up and land big fish. Tyler...

  • Airport Security: Peru and Brazil show

    Airport Security: Peru and Brazil

    This season features four episodes each at two of Latin America's biggest airports: Lima, Peru's Jorge Chavez and Brazil's Sao...

  • Blood And Snow show

    Blood And Snow

    Residents of Port Protection survive the midpoint of winter using old techniques and knowledge that has been acquired over the...

  • Born of Fire show

    Born of Fire

    The islands of Indonesia, Malaysia and New Guinea are the biologically richest on earth. There are tigers and elephants,...

  • Joel McHale In Arizona Slot Canyons show

    Joel McHale In Arizona Slot Canyons

    Joel McHale joins Bear Grylls in the desert for huge cliffs, nasty food, and unorthodox survival strategies in a hilarious...

  • Drugs, Guns And Money show

    Drugs, Guns And Money

    JFK CBP stops a passenger traveling from Trinidad transporting cans of tropical fruit. But instead of fruit, the inspecting...

  • Banged Up Abroad show

    Banged Up Abroad

    Locked Up Abroad Season 13 continues to follow Western travellers who find themselves fighting for survival whilst being held...