• MARS

  • Monday 26 April 2021 at 10:00PM
  • National Geographic

    • Mars show


      A mix of real-life stories and interviews about exercises designed to further the cause of colonizing Mars and a fictional...

    • Contagion show


      On Mars, a mysterious illness leaves one dead and in the present, an activist reveals a Russian cover up benefitting their...

    • Darkness Falls show

      Darkness Falls

      When a solar flare strikes the planet and knocks out communications between and within the colonies, the Olympus Town team...

    • Power Play show

      Power Play

      On Mars, uneasiness spreads over Olympus Town while in the present, a battle between nations protecting ecosystems and fuel...

    • The Shake Up show

      The Shake Up

      Lukrum pushes their corporate interest too far and jeopardises both colonies. In the present, NASA is focused on our planet...