Their horrifying crimes left an indelible stain on European history, but there are still many questions around about the Nazi party. 

Learn some surprising facts about this infamous political party’s hidden past in Nazi Secrets.

From SS terror-chief Heinrich Himmler’s secret obsession with witches, to the schizophrenic cousin Hitler gassed to death, this series reveals the sensational secrets that could revolutionise your understanding of Hitler’s regime. 

This is the story told by those closest to the Fuhrer and his henchmen, who have finally dared to speak on camera.


  • Nazi Underworld: Nazi Gold
    Explore the truth behind the myth that members of the Nazi regime hid their immense riches in the Alps in a mysterious fortress.
  • Nazi Underworld: The Hess Enigma
    We unravel the mystery and intrigue surrounding the life of Hitler’s former deputy Rudolf Hess and explore what really caused his death.
  • Nazi Underworld: Patient Hitler
    Discover a previously unknown side of Hitler through his medical records, including medical assessments and a report on his abuse of cocaine.
  • Nazi Underworld: Deadly Missions
    Take a fresh look at some of the most notorious secret missions of World War II that continue to mystify experts.
  • Nazi Underworld: The Ghost of U-513
    What really happened to the German U-513 submarine when it sunk in 1943? We uncover the mysteries surrounding its final resting place.